He studied at the universities of Leuven , Toledo , Orléans and Basilea.Nel 1569 he was professor of ethics at the Academy of Strasbourg and from 1570 to 1574 was tutor in Italy , before the noble German Ludwig von Hutten and , since 1572 , of the children of bishop Hungarian Janos Liszti and Lazarus von Schwendi . With their support he obtained , in June of 1575 , the appointment as librarian imperiale.Nel 1576 he became professor of rhetoric at the University of Vienna . Drafted in 1576 , along with his aides , a catalog of the library and Imperial in 1597 an inventory of manoscritti.Per thirty years was responsible for the imperial collection , and his rich correspondence and his notes are preserved today at the Austrian National laBiblioteca Vienna .

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