Himeno versus portrait
Tactics are patterns too. Your movement I know is to take in hand.
~ Himeno Anekouji
Himeno Anekouji is one of the several heroines of Crimson Alive series of Doujin 2D fighting game, originally debuted in the first installment titled Genesis of The Heretic.


A high-speed instantaneous force was the "Shukuchi" weapon ability schoolgirl talents who is so named Himeno Anekouji. In her situation, it is more to receive a request for resolution of the case related to irregular incident from government. Similarly there is also a classmate named Isamu Hasaki, the one who helps the unusual talent and requests achievement rate of until today. In such her ​​original, confidential requested from the government came in microcomputer. Content capture of irregular seems to have been hiding somewhere in Tokyo, or annihilation. Action is carried out in the top secret conditioned things. It had been a while holding a touch of uncertainty to the priority of the top-secret behavior of small and request contents of the information. So she wants to start the action.


Isamuhasaki is her eternal friend. There is something hard in her head. A unique high-speed movement method called shrinkage land Osamu. To give her hand, she's good at tactics to take advantage of speed.

Fighting style: Shrinking land capability with weapon fighting surgery (based on the Chinese martial arts and the body surgery)

Age: 17 years old

Occupation: High school student

Personality: Somewhat nervous in careful faction. Field of view for the wide things.

Family/Relatives: Her own parents

Hobbies: Internet, strategy-type simulation games , crossword puzzles

Likes: Military goods, personal computer, dog, cat (2 dogs at home and she has kept the 3 cats as her pets)

Dislikes: People who looses in time

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