hichame ali fateh abdou
Vital statistics
Title Hichame
Gender Male
Race Pupil, a spy (formerly), enchanting
Faction Human
Health Average
Level 15 (now)

28 (Factor) 45 (Commander of the fighters in the city) 67 (old) 150 (Sorcerer)

Status Alive
Location Castle town

Hichame His friend and his cousin Walid and his sister dqalx sometimes his enemy.Have a book called Heroes reference


image use
It is one of the forms of more use
It is one of the forms of more use
It is one of the forms of more use
It is one of the forms of more use
With Weapon3
It is one of the forms of more use
It is one of the forms of more use
Sonic t
Sometimes frequent forms


I live in order to do something useful
~ Goal
Is a very friendly and shy and preferably alone thinking to work with others to his brothers and hated the things that require him to show himself in front of people and hates the use of violence instead of reason and despite his actions polite to is a front for his hatred of people to be considered less smarter than and internal anger large despite mute and which is controlled by.

It seems that he may also be difficult to deceive a coward for his intelligence but at unnecessary risk be encouraged even if it means facing in the center of the dark

It is ashamed to talk to girls, although he in his mind ladies man and seems to be trying to make Walid and Samantha jealous to feel excellence.

It seems that he was trying not to show his anger latent despite his success and suppressed his feelings that he endorsed shown screaming like crazy in the positions of sharp anger of the stupidity of his colleagues in the school.

He also does not hide his hostility a catty towards effeminate and even punch and hit enough to make one faint them wrong and he sees their actions and may not do.

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