Heartbroken clipart
Even though it's similar to Heroic Mourn, it's very different like after the Obstacles and Arguments...sometimes heroines or heroes get heartbroken after hearing what they say about them which it make more sad and saying like "You're not my friend anymore", "I hate you" and/or "I wish I never met you, you stupid jerk!", etc.

Ouch! It's really painful after that terrible argument and it's really sad. Sometime, it hurt when heroines broke up with the heroes for lying or whatever the reason.


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Live-Action Movies

  • Before becoming a cartoon character, Heidi Vaillante was betrayed and dumped by her lover Ryan during the wedding party

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Video Games

  1. Patientia was heartbroken when she learned Cathmor was working Nolana, she then attacks them and attempted to kill him with an axe, only to remember that she must show mercy to be good wolf, she cries and then screams "Go ahead Cathmor! Go ahead and be evil! but remember...Evil will never love you back as I did!" and teleports away, still crying.
    1. Cathmor becomes heartbroken right after this, leading him to stop obeying Nolana's orders and go on a even more heartbroken rampage.



(Patientia walks out from behind a large rock))They were right...(Cathmor and Nolana turn and notice her in shock)(tears start coming out Patientia's eyes)..They were right about you. (Cathmor: Patientia, wait, this is not what you think....)(Patientia starts comeing towards them with fists in her hands) You deceived me! (Cathmor starts backing away in fear)(Cathmor: But I didn't those things about you..)(Patientia begins to shout with larger tears) I THOUGHT YOU LOVED ME! (Cathmor: I do! TRULY! But I had to..)(Patientia unleashes her power) ENOUGH! YOU CHARISMATIC WRETCH! (She starts attacking, blocking Galeno with a force field, tying Leva with vines, and throwing Lucero in the moat, then she tosses Cathmor to ground, strips his clothes, metal chains his neck and joints, and pulls out an axe and is about to cut his head off, but then remember she needs to show mercy and throws it to the ground, still crying) Go ahead Cathmor! Go ahead and be evil! but remember...Evil will never love you back as I did! (she then flies up and teleports away)
~ Patientia becoming heartbroken after she learned Cathmor was working Nolana