Hero's Redemption is an event where a villain changes his or her mind and becomes one of the good guys. There are several reasons for an anti-villain, anti hero or bench person to redeem himself/herself

  • To confess their love for the hero
  • Having had enough of the villain's abuse/evil ways
  • Some end up killing the villain in question
  • A selfish Jerk realizing the error of his/her ways
  • Betrayed by the villain


  • Mordecai Thompson: He reveals his true colors and helps Bluesong escape his crazed ex-girlfriend, later he reveals his true form and helps the new Myles Bots defend Linden City.
  • KillJoy : she overhears Bong (KillJoy) plotting to make Riley's mind go down so KillJoy can control Riley's mind for evil after KillJoy befriends Party Pooper.



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