Hero's Rage
This event occurs when a hero gets mad, usually when his friend is tortured or killed by the villain. A perfect example is Goku: he becomes a Super Saiyan because of anger due to Krillin's death, caused by Frieza. There are more several reasons that an hero can get mad.

This case can be compared with Heroic Breakdown, but they mainly regain their composure in more faster rate due to the said composure were tested by the following reasons:

Fed up of being the servant of a villain Being angry with themselves, for not saving a friend (either originally wanted to but failed or otherwise). Throwing tantrum or reaching a breaking point. Also comparable to Releasing Stress.


  1. Cathmor - Rages at his brother Proinsias and goes on a rampage after a tearfully-heartbroken Patientia broke up with him after she learned he was one of them.
  2. Lolita Cruz - Snaps after Tomiko Hasegawa arrogantly called her sister and her team "fakes" just because they lose their jobs to a mysterious rival agency.
  3. Shadic the Hedgehog - rages at Scourge the Hedgehog who has savagely beaten up and injured Techno the Hedgehog in a cold blood, causing his rage to transform himself into a Initial Kyuubi Form under his rage.
  4. Dana von Franke gets mad at Ava Vegard  when she calls her a "crazy German".
  5. Seline get mad at Lianna and snaps at her for jealously telling the Omicron Army that Horatio was going to leave them to live with the Vivacity Tribe and for not appreciating him for his kind nature.
  6. Heavy insults Zaktan then kills him by pressing his vital fists on him.


Nothing comes out of domination! Nothing! No Good, No Bad, NOTHING! How can I do it now?! How can I when it's at the cost of love?! Of her?! I loved her! I TRULY LOVED HER! And what did this do?! IT BROKE HER HEART! (Proinsias: Enough Cathmor! Don't you remember who you are?! She knows now! And now that she knows, you can never win her back!) QUIET! I hurt her thanks to you! You're no brother of mine. I'll TEAR YOUR BONES TO PIECES!
~ Cathmor rages at his brother, Proinsias and goes on a rampage after a tearfully-heartbroken Patientia broke up with him after she learned he was one of them.
You call yourself a HUMAN?! (punches Tomiko in the face to ground) I said multiple times they were real, and you STILL CALL THEM FAKE? STLL?! WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?!! I showed photos of them with me! vhs-es! THEIR HANDWRITING FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! (Rosario (shocked): Please tell me you don't mean the photos I found in garbage.)(a shocked Lolita gets even more mad) YOU DISREGUARDED ME?!?!? (goes quiet for a minute) so it was all true, everyone was right about you. YOU'RE A HOPELESSLY ARROGANT BULLY! To think I dismissed what everyone said about you! EVEN MY OWN SISTER! I'm done with you! If I even see you again, (crushes her cell phone) I'LL BEAT YOU TO DEATH!
~ Lolita raging at Tomiko Hasegawa for calling her sister and her team fake.
You will pay for what you have done to my friend Techno the Hedgehog, Evil Monster, YOU MAKE ME VERY ANGRY BECAUSE OF YOU, THIS TIME YOU WILL PAY FOR YOUR SAVAGE ATTACK ON ONE OF MY FRIENDS TO MY SIDE!! (Kurama appears inside of Shadic the Hedgehog) I'M GONNA KILL YOU!!!!
~ Shadic the Hedgehog rages at Scourge the Hedgehog as he turns into hid Initial Kyuubi Form
Who do you think I am ?? a DC character ?? Let me tell you one thing, I'll never be a cartoon character, YOU HEARD ME ???
~ Heidi Vaillante ranting after cartoonist Chalk Lee Ray.
~ Dana von Franke lecturing Ava Vegard.
How could you do this?! How could you just take away Horatio's happiness when he finally found some?! (Lianna: Horatio is a member is one of the Omicron Army, I was was doing my duty to alert when a solider foes rouge) He didn't even want to be a figther (Lianna: It's my duty to make him see the light and have sure he joins..) WHAT?! A wild goose chase for false glory?! (Lianna becomes shocked at that remark but than shook her head) (Lianna: Even if it wasn't, He does not need you! Not when I knew him first!) (Sermine realizes that Lianna was jealous) (I am a Omicron warrior! A powerful swordsmen! I..) You're A CREEP! A green-eyed creep! (Lianna stops in disgust) And unlike you, I was willing to listen to Horatio and ask him want he really wants in life! Do you ever even think of asking him?! (Lianna looks at Semine uncomfortably) Maybe he just likes me more because I, along with the rest of the tribe, liked him for who he was, A sweet-hearted biggie with no fighting blood in him! Open your eyes! He doesn't like you or your army cause you all tried to tell him who he should be! He was gonna leave you to be with us because we appreciate him for being the way he is! You are a pathetic lover of senseless violence! And you won't understand him, ever.
~ Seline snaps at Lianna for jealously telling the Omicron Army that Horatio was going to leave them to live with the Vivacity Tribe and for not appreciating him for his kind nature.