I am Heavy Pootis Guy and I love everything about my school!
~ Heavy
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Heavy Weapons Guy

Heavy Weapons Guy (also referred to as Heavy, Expand Pootis, or Fat Man) is the main protagonist of the Garry's Mod series Gmod Centennial High School. Heavy is a character from Team Fortress 2.

In the series, Heavy is often portrayed as a generally unintelligent individual lacking self-awareness and assertiveness, but having high enthusiasm, self-esteem and compassion. Heavy is normally a friendly, lovable, childish, understanding, persistent, gullible and optimistic man who has wonderful outlooks on life and is able to sympathize with anyone, even with his enemies. However, there are some exceptions to Heavy's personality. On occasion, Heavy has acted cold, intimidating and unintentionally murderous. This usually happens when Heavy actually feels offended, but makes no attempt to actually bring harm to people. This is also triggered by his stupidity. But nonetheless, Heavy always keeps his occupation as a loyal, loving character who helps his friends and even his entire school.



Heavy and Scout share a rivalry with each other, but Heavy is usually unaware of it, considering Scout to be a potential friend. Scout has bullied and deprecated Heavy on a daily basis, but Heavy never gives off any reaction. While he often makes fun of him, he has actually tried to manipulate him into helping him achieve petty, selfish goals, seemingly because Scout knows how naïve Heavy is and will use him as a tool. There have also been rare times when Scout was actually extremely jealous of him up to the point of becoming ultimately antagonistic towards Heavy.


Medic is Heavy's roommate. Heavy loves being with Medic and cherishes him as his best friend. However, there have been times when he has acted stubborn to Medic resulting in unintentionally killing him, which has happened several times throughout the series. But Heavy is quick to show remorse from murdering Medic and will go at lengths to fix what he had done due to his destructive stupidity.

Mr. Pootis

Mr. Pootis loves Heavy with every passion and considers him his star student. This is due to Heavy's high enthusiasm and need for helping others.