Bailey is a minor hero in It's a Wonderful Life. He is the younger brother ofGeorge Bailey. He is played by George Nokes as a boy and Todd Karns as an adult.Harry is first seen as a 9-year-old sliding on a shovel through ice until he falls and slips. His then-12-year-old brother George, with help from his friends, saves him from drowning, only to get his left ear infected and become half-deaf. Because of this, George cannot join the army, even as he ages. Much later, when Harry graduates from high school, he is intended to take over the Bailey Building and Loan Association. George gives Harry his own college money so Harry could go to college.Much later, Harry becomes a Navy pilot for World War II and shoots down fifteen bombing planes for trying to kill men on a transport, saving all those men there, while a half-deaf George fights the battle of Bedford Falls instead.In the "Pottersville" sequence, it is shown that Harry died from drowning through the ice because George wasn't there to save him. Because of this, all men on the transport died.Finally, Harry makes a toast to George when the latter becomes the richest man in Bedford Falls.

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