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guddles is a red rabbit with a lighty red colored furry,a white shirt with the red letter g in them,he was making friend with star butterfly,9-volt and sonic but he always die in some episodes.


guddles is one of the main characters in the main bloodiest cartoon for adults called "Happy Tree Friends FANON" he are one of the main characters in the series.

Guddles' killed victims

  • cuddles:46
  • giggles:88
  • toothy:100
  • lumpy:34
  • handy:29
  • petunia:10
  • nutty:20
  • sniffles:18
  • mime:19
  • pop:0
  • cub:0
  • the mole:19
  • russell:28
  • flaky:10
  • flippy:0
  • splendid:0
  • cro-marmot:0