he Goodness Zone is basically the positive, heroic alternative/complete opposite to the Moral Event Horizon. This
comes from the Goldilocks Zone in the Solar System, where Mercury and Venus are close to the sun, which makes them super hot. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are very far from the sun, making them super cold. Earth is in the middle and "just right," like Goldilocks' porridge.


  • Joyce Kinney (Virtual Land): She has always been gentle and kind to everyone, has always taken care of his son Jake Tucker, however she crosses the Goodness Zone when she catches Herman Hermann saving Quahog and Springfield.
  • Vance Carroway: He may be the villain of the story but he has to choose whether or not to join the good side. If he does, it means (in future episodes) that he may completely eliminate his role as a villain and officially join the Myles Bots if he ever becomes a physical character.

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