The Good-Hearted Howlers (or the Howlers) are the protagonist group in the Good Wolf franchise. They are a street gang of freedom fighters that do battle with evil gangsters.

The Pack

The wolf pack of the good-hearted howlers contain eight wolves each with their own magic special way of fighting

Humilitas "Hummie", the Fair Wolf -  The main wolf protagonist, a blonde-yellow teenage mexican wolf from the west village of Rhapsodia. During the first game, Dace, Noreny and Dorodanto discovered that he is magic-blind, meaning he can see magic but can't see his own. He can use everything kind of magic. His forgiven romance is with Dace.

Caritas, the Guard Wolf - Hummie's older brother, former member of the Earthquakers gang and one of the three leaders of the Howlers (along with their father Veritas and Qistina). A golden-brown mexican wolf who was moving back with his mom and brother when he was kidnapped by the Hailstones while fighting. After being rescued, Caritas began to become a leader figure to the others while continuing his relationship with Hummie. He uses Gravelity and his strength to attack. His forgiven romance and eventual marriage is with Kama. 

Benevolentia, the Sweet Wolf, later the Princess Wolf - a light pink wolf with pale pink hair and first female wolf of the Howlers. After being imprisoned in a looking glass by three sadistic wizards, Benevolentia joined the howlers to save her beloved mother. Shortly after that, she gained a father-daugtherlike relationship with Firmitas. Along with using light magic and theurgy, Benevolentia's main weapon is her scythe. Her forgiven romance is with Nilofar.

Fortitudo, the Daring Wolf - an aqua wolf skilled with kombat and acrobatics. A former member of southwest gulid Blue Nile, Fortitudo was kicked out for being a wolf after Gayora Devoss took over. A skilled boxer, he is shown to be quite powerful, even good with ground-fighting and using the horseman's pick. His forgiven romance is with Wilone.

Patientia, the Fairy Wolf - a lime green wolf born of the pack known as the Fenrir. Horrified of the ruthless and inhumane murders her clan commits, Patientia ran away to learn to become a faith healer, hoping to atone for her family's sins and murders. Running into Dace when she was lost in the southeast, Patientia joined the Howlers 

Temperantia, the Avenging Wolf - a purple-lavender wolf with white & black hair whose past is full of losting and nearly almost losting loved ones. A former member of the Eidolon Ignites, she is a master at diversity, martial arts, and pulling out knives on enemies. As revealed on her debut, Temperantia's shown to have list with 16 (later one more) names of ones who wronged her and adds more though on. She realized the error of killing in the fifth game after seeing her reflection on a ice wall. Her forgiven romance is with Huntley.

Industria, the Kendo Wolf - a silver wolf who was once the apprentice of a powerful ninja trio until they were killed in an ice storm while trying to save her. Now on her own, Industria would begin to attack anyone in her way to cope with her grief, only realize the error of that when she cut Hummie's paw. Becoming more humble and compassionate, she 

Castitas, the ​Bluejacket Wolf​ -

Veritas, the Fatherly Wolf - the father of Caritas and Hummie, wife of Caressa, older brother of Muraco, and an assassin of the Order of Gone Wishes. First meeting Caressa in their late teen years and later marrying her, he had to leave her and their sons when the Angelic Knights were on his trail, planning to execute him and take his sons. He returned in ​Assassins with Hearts when his fatherly instincts​ began to tingle, prompting him to return to his sons. Veritas would

Non-Wolf Members

Dace Mona Corpysis, the Forgotten Maiden - The deuteragonist and main human protagonist, a teenage girl with long turquoise hair who usaully wears a sea green riding cape from the east village of Grizzlyfield. Her parents and siblings were abducted by the Raven Shadows, so she began using her magic to track down the lethal street gang and save her family. Despite being loved by all in the village, Dace is shown to be bullied by almost everyone in class at Moonlighter School for Magic due to her love and kind behavior toward animals (especailly wolves), leaving her to abandon her classes and only come for secret class with her favorite professor, Godwin Warwick. She is student in the Sorcery class, meaning she uses luminous balance magic to attack and defend in battle, she is also skilled at Hung Ga. Because of her friendship with Hummie that mid-way grew into romance, Dace became the first wolf maiden in the series.

Ciar Quakerseism, the Dopey Dog - a nonbright english sheep dog from the north who became Hummie's best friend. Like Hummie, he is blind and needs glasses. Depsite his enthusiasm of adventure, his stupidity usually gets him into bigger trouble. Even though not being able to use magic, Ciar still is a good at kombat. Ciar is also the one who redeemed Shamira.

Lyrica, the Serenader - a young girl with a beautiful singing voice and descendant of the Golden Songbird. Despite being a wonderful singer like others in her bloodline,   Seeing a good heart in both Hummie and Caritas, Lyrica joined the Good-Hearted Howlers

Kama of Hikima, the Phoenix Summoner - a phoenix tribe's shaman's daugther who went on a journey to defy her tribe that women can do what the men of their tribe (inckuding her father) did. A strong fighter and pyromancer, Kama is indenpedent and determined to achieve what she aims for. Kama eventually fell head over heels for Caritas, leading her to eventually propose to him (& marrying him by the fourth game).

Ilom of Hikima, the ​Phoenix Bard​ - Kama's free-spirited younger brother. A mbira-playing bard, Ilom joined the Howlers just for an adventure right after Kama to decide to go to help them (prompting their older brother Diallo to join to keep an eye on them). He quickly became a great friend to Hummie, Ciar, Temperantia, and 

Diallo of Hikima, the Phoenix Guard - Kama and Ilom's strict older brother. Taking charge of his siblings after the death of their father, Diallo took over as the man of the family. As Kama and Ilom joined the Good-Hearted Howlers, Diallo joins mainly to keep an eye on them, though he eventually bonded with the other members. He would sacrifrice himself in the fifth game, when  

Nilofar, the Bandit Unicorn

Lalena, the Assassin Witch - a young  short-tempered witch raised by leprechauns. Revealed in her debut, she is the daughter of the witch of the Gingerbread House and the best friend of the Gingerbread Man. Losing both at young ages, Lalena became an assassin in intending to take out all three who took the ones who cared for her the most in her life (Shackle F. Fox, Hansel, and Gretel). Even after that, she stayed with the Howlers, eventually bonding with them.

Junior Howlers

Junior Good-Hearted Howlers, or "Junior Howlers", are young kids or infants that have made alliances with the howlers.

Bogie, the Black Cat's Apprentice - a tiny black kitten being mentored by the famous Akeno the Magnificent. Despite him being the most spirited of Akeno's seven apprentices, he is looked down upon by the other six due to his cluminess. Bogie joimed the howlers after the Raven Shadows 



Catarine, Cheshire - a preteen girl from the northwestern town of Knife's Edge who spends her free days watching neighbors from mysterious places due to her unloving-workaholic parents. However, when her school rival

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