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Federal Bureau of Investigation, better known by the initials FBI, is an investigative body of the federal police , the main operational arm of the Department of the United States Justice ( DOJ ) . The FBI has under its jurisdiction over two hundred categories of federal crimes , making it the de facto greater dipolizia judicial body of the United States government . The FBI's motto is " Fidelity , Bravery , Integrity " ( " Loyalty , Courage , Integrity " ) . Party as the Bureau Of Investigation ( BOI ) , the FBI received its present name until 1935 , under the command of J. Edgar Hoover , the sixth director of the BOI . Hoover was the director who kept longer this assignment and the main culprit in the development of the objectives of the institution. He was responsible for many of the changes and innovations that have made the FBI one of the best investigative agencies in the world . The J. Edgar Hoover Building , the FBI Academy and the complex of Criminal Justice Information Services Division serve as major central support for each of the FBI offices , scattered across the nation.

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