In any story, there comes a time when the hero or heroine reveals the villain's evil plans and evidence of it. He or she can do it in many ways:

  • Interrogating the villain or his/her henchmen.
  • Discovering evidence of the villain's handiwork and original nature/backstory.
  • Unmasking the villain.
  • Revealing his/her evil plans to citizens or loved ones.
  • Understanding what the bad guy wants.
  • In some cases, the villain might unintentionally expose himself/herself (for example, Darla Dimple unintentionally exposes herself as a spoiled, rotten, bratty monster who intended to drown Danny Cat and his friends when she flooded the stage to the public during a movie premiere)


  • Spyro Doomfire and Junko Enoshima trick Dark Kendra Moonie into exposing her plan to The FBI And Making the FBI Turn on Dark Kendra and Arrest Her.


Avenger Time: Look, fear doesn't always work. You gotta trust me on that. (Lazy Crane: FEAR ALWAYS WORKS, YOU BRAT!!! And I'll destroy anyone in my way to keep it that way.) Avenger Time:'re the villain. Who are you REALLY?! (Lazy Crane: Dont get any ideas, fool. (Reveals his true identity as a late-age version of Moby's friend) I'm your brother.) Gaaah. Note to self, wear more moisturizer. I can't believe you would step this low. (Old Man: It pains me to see how far you have fallen to the weak side, brother.) Avenger Time: You have to stop treating people like tools. No one hurts my friends. (Old Man: YOU ARE A TRAITOR, MY BROTHER AND YOU WILL FALL! (Throws him off a ledge so he will meet his doom) As much as it pains me to do this, I will capture the pests alive even if it kills me!)
~ Lazy Crane revealing his true nature and form as well as being the mastermind of Zachary being hypnotized into joining the secret society's mind hive


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