Evil Pingu is an evil version of Pingu created by OptimusPrimeYes MegatronNo. He has a black skull on his tummy, blood stains on his legs, red eyes and wears a spike bracelet. He is an ally to Pingu haters. Since his name has Evil at the beginning of his name, and some good users like him, he is known as both an anti villain AND an anti hero.

Friends and Enemies

Evil Pingu is a friend of Pingu haters that are good users. He has a crush on Fora The Fucker, an insult to Dora The Explorer. His enemies are Pingu fans. (Except ILoveRickSanchez4Evr and a few others)


Voice: Alan

Spices: Penguin

Creator: OptimusPrimeYes MegatronNo

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