Eun Hyong was a contestant in the Total Drama season, Total Drama Nations. She was from the country of South Korea, and she placed last in the competition, being the first one to be voted off.


Eun was a very enthusiastic young girl. Her fangirl career as a fan fiction writer was evidence of this; she had written fan fiction of all the (canon) Total Drama contestants, before being selected as one herself, and she was very good at it, even though she typically used the popular shippings and other stereotypes usual for a fanfic writer. It was possibly her stereotype as a Korean girl, too, since South Korea loves its pop culture.

She was also quite a motor mouth, sometimes talking a mile a minute, similarly to "the parrot," Olivia, another overly talkative girl. Several of her competitors found this very annoying, particularly Abdi, who rigged the votes of the first elimination ceremony to have her lose. She was not very bright; in spite of being relatively good at writing stories, she was not so intelligent when it came to the Nations game, not always perceiving when others were irritated with her and not being very good at strategizing. And she was the youngest Total Drama contestant ever, being only 15 years old when on the show, in contrast with the others being mostly 16 to 18 years old.

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