Duh Guvenor oRIGINZ

Bron Blaek wuz an stoopid fagit spodermen meems r ded.Xd

Why Does this Exist ?

To see my beautiful drawing.

Character Bio

Brian Blake [Duh Guvenor] was a leader of woodburry when he killed their former leader[As a revenge for his brother's death]After those events he has lost his Daughter who was eaten by a walker and his brother who was killed by his own friend for trying to rape a woman.Those events broke Brian,Brian would always try the best to be his brother,everytime he is in a bad situation he would think of what his brother will do,due to this brian took it to far he was killed in a battle for trying to do what was best for his people,Even tho He was a villian he did actions to protect the one's he love and killed for the best of his people.

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