is the main protagonist that appears in 0770Caro's Bakugan the movie, Drago is known to be very protective and social towards people and the Neopets, Drago's girlfriend is Wavern, Drago is known to be famous when he fights against the forces of evil with the help of his friends including Brian the Scorchio and his son Brian Junior.

In a video, he learns that he has a son named Drago Junior who looks like him during a evolution, Drago also shares his powers with his son to make him powerful and stronger, he is known to be smart and creates new inventions by serving his brain.

Drago is so famous that he can transform into a dragon monster to defeat Dual Hydra which Brian the Scorchio erases Dual Hydra's memories to make him a good guy.

Drago later becomes a green Meta Dragonoid and shares his powers with his son in order to turn him into a Pyrus Helix Dragonoid. But in the St-Valentine Day, Drago is still a Fusion Dragonoid including in the futures videos

Drago serves in the shows as the tritagonist and the main protagonist in the movies and short movies.

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