Dr. Kafka

Full Name

Toffee A. Kafka

Other Aliases



Human (formerly)


Founder of Riverark Creamatory (formerly), Myles-Bot


To end the Myles Bots (formerly), to make amends for his sociopathic actions (currently)


Zachary Delightful, Sensei Yang, Vance Carroway, Marina Rodentia (formerly)


Zachary Delightful, Sensei Yang, Vance Carroway (all formerly), Marina Rodentia


Dr. Ashley Kafka (surrogate inspiration)

Type of Hero

Former Villains

Dr. Toffee Kafka is one of the main protagonists, and the former main antagonist, in the 10th grade arc. Although, while the Bots didn't act very villainous in the G:ZERO Arc, he was the most evil and vicious of the Bots due to manipulating the team in his favor, scarring Zachary's throat and causing the recreation of World War I.


In the beginning of the movie, he's a jerk but in the middle until the end he is a psychopath. Also, he is one of the antagonists who is sympathetic. However, at the final fight of the film, it looks like his anger has descended to madness and evil (shown throughout the film as he slowly becomes a mangled corpse with an exposed brain to give him a more sinister and mad appearance, giving a physical manifestation of his slow descent into madness in his pursuit for vengeance). His role of an antagonist is due to him wanting revenge on the Bots for causing him his job. His signature color is red.

He starts off as a sympathetic Supervillain, but after Marina dies, he becomes much more heroic.

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