No no no, you don't have to worry about training me. I know your fighting styles, catchphrases, everything. I'm your number one fan!
~ Dorrito pestering Zachary as well as his most famous words

Dorrito is one of the secondary main protagonists in the duo-franchise and Zachary's #1 fan-turned team member.


Dorrito has dark blue feathers and brown eyes. He has white facial markings around his eyes with a ring of darker feathers around them. He sports a feather ruffle on the back and sides of his neck, with some extra feathers in the front. Dorrito also has three short feathers on the back of his head. His beak and talons are gray, and he has a long tail.


As a little kid, Dorrito was cheerful, inventive, optimistic and intelligent if not a little pestering and obnoxious. He was somewhat obsessed with Zachary as he knows his favorite catchphrases and fighting styles and his self-proclaimed ego.

In his later years, he is more eccentric and brave than he was when he was little as he shows more restraint on his alignment with Zachary.



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