Full Name

Daughter Hyde




The Mario VS. Daughter Hyde Saga


Human/Monster hybrid


Seductive, bloodthirsty, sneaky, cynical, mischievous, umbrakinetic, lethal


To get her revenge on Howard van Skullotto for taking away everything she loved (as Tammy Halfchild) and kill him
To strike fear into the hearts of Skullcorp workers and worshippers
To avenge the loss of her friends, family and job (as Tammy Halfchild)
To keep on killing Skullcorp folk (and enjoying it) until the company runs out of business
To destroy communism



Type of Hero

Heroine with Superhuman Strength
Umbrakinetic Heroine
Destroyer of Communism
Bloodthirsty Heroine
False Antagonist

Daughter Hyde is the nightly monster form of Tammy Halfchild and one of the main protagonists of the Halfchild series.


Daughter Hyde looks identical to the normal Tammy Halfchild, but is given monstrous traits to represent how terrifying she is to Skullcorp workers and people who worship Skullcorp.

In this form, she is slightly taller than her normal counterpart and has jade-green skin, thick, muscular, bulletproof and heat resistant. Her hair is dark brown in color as well as being longer (with a bush of it almost covering her left/right eye) and disheveled. She also has a medium-sized batch of chest hair in between her huge breasts, which are the size of two basketballs. Her eyes are the same color as Tammy's (green), but the pupils are more slitted like those of a cat's eyes. She also has two long fangs with two small sharp and serrated teeth sticking out behind them as well as werewolf-like claws and ears. Daughter Hyde wears a black Gothic-style sling bikini with a bright red ocean-wave pattern on it and with silver rings going down her bikini. She also has silver earrings that resemble the Supernatural demon symbol, which is the star.


Coming soon!

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