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Darren, what the hell are you doing with my diary!?
~ Daryl notices her brother was reading her diary

Daryl Neuman is the one of main protagonists in Sausage Party 2. She's the older sister of Darren, daughter of Darla and Darrell, best friend of Carrie Toh and the new store manager of Shopwell's.

She was voiced by Chloë Grace Moretz.

In the Film

Sausage Party 2


Daryl first appears as a child, Daryl loves to playing with her brother but also she is stand up against the bullies, drinking the juice and drawing the picture of themselves. Later she tells her mother about her brother was playing the ball. Darren is got been hit by his ball. She rushing to him, Darren has a serious head injury. Daryl calls the 911, so the doctor rushing to Darren. He telling a doctor that he has a bruise on his forehead. Suddenly the nurse brought an ice pack to him. Daryl telling her brother that his forehead was okay. She hugging him so much. Later her mother is telling her daughter wants to meet her new friend, Carrie Toh (who next to her house). Daryl talking to her about her brother got a bruise on his forehead. Carrie and Daryl are playing at playground while their mothers are watching their daughters which that make sure they are not going by themselves.


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Before the train accident

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Her memories

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