Cyo the Lion is a main character in the deviant user of the same name. He is the main character in some of his stories and is a tertiary protagonist in Terror of Crimson.


Cyo is an tall, slender mobian lion who got brown mane, chestfur and tail tip. His body is covered in blue and grey armor along with his boots. His right arm is mechanical and it got a red button while his left got a fingerless glove. His eyes are a golden/orange color.


He is usually calm and kind, but he can be a bit short tempered if he's insulted But he loves having fun with his friends. He likes watching TV such as watching Godzilla movies.

In Brainwashed Cyo, Cyo becomes more violent and destructive while under Eggman's control, seeking to destroy his own allies.

After being brought out of his brainwashing, Cyo was feeling shocked and upset at harming his own friends even though he was brainwashed. So he left to Kenya to regain his confidence by his parents help.

Powers and abilites

Cyo is strong enough to lift 30 tons with his bare hands and his mechanical arm can be switched from hand to weapons including lasergun. He also got enhanced speed but not as fast as Sonic.

Thanks to his artifical heart, he is immune against many poisons. He also got good sense of hearing and smell. He got also mounts of stamina so he won't be tired easily in battle.


Cyo is skilled in hand to hand combat like boxing and kick-boxing. He is also professional in hunting with or without weapons like spears.


Due to being part machine, Cyo is vulnerable to electromagnetic pulses and his system can shut down, resulting in getting in a coma if his artificial heart is not recharged within 2 hours. Viruses can cause him to go out of control if he gets it in his mechanical implants. Also he is not indestructible against heavy objects or fireproof is he either since he's still organic.

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