Crane's Emoticlones were created when a mystical object split Master Crane into five different parts. Each Crane has his own personality and actions.

Crane #1 (Lazy)

The first emoticlone of Crane who (unlike regular Crane) has time for aimless lounging yet he still has his moves. He was Zachary's successful choice.

Crane #2 (Perfect)

The second emoticlone of Cyborg screams perfection and thinks everything needs to be perfect. Zachary eliminated him due to his lack of comic relief.

Crane #3 (Awkward)

The third emoticlone of Crane (unlike regular Crane) who lacks confidence and is timid. Zachary ignored him and blasted him back into his mind hive.

Crane #4 (Military Directive)

The fourth emoticlone of Crane represents his badass; he was quickly eliminated by Zachary.

Crane #5 (Sick)

The fifth and final emoticlone of Crane is very ill and nasal voiced; he was eliminated because he greatly disgusted Zachary.

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