Chronicler and Clenche


The Paladin Hound




Chronicler/Chronicler7 (Owner)
Dragora the Dark (Rival)
Sierra/Sierrus (Side-owner)


Paladin's Companion


To find Chronicler out of limbo and help him maintain balance between his two halves.



Type of Hero

Mysterious Hero

(Note: Due to an unexpected chance to take screenshots presented by Mabinogi finally working on Windows 10 for Shiramu-Kuromu's case, Clenche's bio is VERY much a work in progress as of now. As a result, this page will be mostly empty, or be rewritten constantly, for a good while until further notice.)

Clenche is the "Ruler of Limbo", according to Shiramu Inc. databases. He was apparently a lost artifact of a Greyhound due to his special abilities to transform into an armored Paladin, just like how Chronicler can. His abilities to perfectly gain this ability from another transforming Paladin from Mabinogi represents that missing gap of information regarding Chronicler's past; while his origins may not have been from the Mabinogi universe, he has too many ties towards that universe to where Chronicler, along with several others like him, were temporarily trapped in the Mabinogi Universe for a short while, and we freed within three days with the massive aide of Chronicler's control over Omnicron, and thus learned that they now had to deal with the unknown corruption of several Ultruraura that have appeared across space-time. Clenche, joining in on these adventures, takes up an oddity of abilities from Chronicler, and for some reason, seems to know a lot more about Chronicler than he should...

Design Notes

The storyline involving Clenche's introduction was the result of Mabinogi, the game in which Chronicler gets his reference pictures from, was unable to work on Windows 10 for a while. Meanwhile, Clenche was already a main character in the story, but screenshots for Clenche couldn't be obtained at the time because of Mabinogi not working on Windows 10. In addition, the storyline does not necessarily mean that Chronicler and co. are in limbo; Clenche is the one who was actually in limbo out of these characters.


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