My mission is noble, my heart is pure. I have nothing to fear.
~ Chris Griffin

Chris Griffin, or The Jedi, is the titular character and main protagonist of the cartoon The Last Jedi. Throughout the series, he is voiced by Seth Green.


Early Life

Chris was born the son to a wealthy and respected Jedi father, in an era where the Jedi and Sith war was nearing it's end. His story first began when he was born shortly after Ernie was imprisoned by Chris' father. About a decade later, when Chris was 8 years old, Chris was initiated into the Jedi Order and was trained as a youngling. The Jedi Order sent Chris to train around the world, as was planned by the Jedi Masters, who sensed immense power within Chris. 

The beginning of the Clone Equine War

6 years later, Chris had already grown into a fairly competent Jedi to the point to when an unknown assassin was trying to kill Princess Sunset Shimmer, Chris was assigned to protect her. The Griffin Family were nervous about Chris' new responsibility. Brian told Chris not to worry, but Chris remained worried never the less. After reaching Canterlot Castle, the family greeted Sunset Shimmer, who remarks about Chris' appearance, calling him handsome, to which Chris blushes and tells her she's only grown more beautiful since they last met. The two look at each other in admiration for a little bit, a mutual attraction building between them. Afterwards, he tells Sunset they'll find out who's trying to kill Sunset and bring them to justice. Afterwards, Sunset goes to her bedroom to go take a rest. Chris, still nervous, notes to his mother that Sunset hardly knows him, despite them knowing each other since childhood. Lois tells him that she'll eventually warm up to him soon, but Chris still has his doubts.

A few days later, 2 assassins stood on the outskirts of Canterlot. One of them gives the other, a mare, a bottle with a Japanese hornet inside. The leader orders the mare to use it for her next attempt to kill Sunset, but warns her to be careful handling the hornet, as it's venom can shut down the nervous system and kill almost instantly. Meanwhile, back at the Plaza Hotel, Chris and Brian are both on guard duty while BB-8 stays in Sunset's room to trigger an alarm system if someone breaks in. Chris states he senses something wrong. At that moment, the mare assassin puts the jar with the hornet on a flying droid and sends it to the hotel. Chris and Brian then start talking about dreams, and how Chris explains that he can't stop thinking about Marguerite (an ally of Chris who was sent to fight straggling Sith Lords). Brian tells him that he needs to let go of his feelings about Marguerite and to not mourn her, as death is natural part of life. The probe droid arrives and makes it through Sunset's window in her room and releases the Hornet. As it buzzes around the room, BB-8 wakes up and shines his light around the room but couldn't find what was making the buzzing, so he shuts down. The Hornet creeps from under the bed and starts climbing up the side. Brian and Chris were still talking until they sensed that Sunset's life was in danger. Chris races into the room and kills it with his lightsaber. Immediately after, Brian sees the droid and jumps out the window and grabs on to it as it flies around. Chris then races out and hops onto his speeder and flies off after Brian. As Brian flies above still hanging on the probe droid, the mare assassin then spots him with her binoculars. She then grabs her blaster rifle and shoots him down and flies away in a speeder. Chris flies in and catches Brian in the nick of time and attempt to lose the pursuing mare. After a few failed attempts, they finally lost her. Chris jumps out and grabs on to her shuttle while she was in mid-flight. He then draws his lightsaber and tries to cut into the speeder, but it flies out of his grip but Brian manages to catch it. As Chris reaches inside the hole he cut open, he grabs the mare's blaster pistol and makes her shoot the controls and then her shuttle crashes into a pub. As Brian then flies in and cuts off her horn, completely cutting off her magic abilities and causing the weakened mare to fall to the ground. Chris and Brian brought her outside to the back and interrogated her. As they question her, she explains that she was hired by a bounty hunter, but before she can say who it is, she's was shot with a poison dart and slowly dies. Brian tells Chris to return to Sunset while he takes the dart to Bioniip Laboratories for examination.

The next morning, Blythe Baxter is assigned by the Jedi Council to hunt down the bounty hunter, while Chris is assigned to protect Sunset Shimmer. At the hotel, Chris tells the distraught Sunset Shimmer that it won't take Blythe long to find the bounty hunter. Later, at a local shuttle station, Sunset tells Sunrise she'll be okay. Sunrise agrees but still has a few doubts. As Brian tells Chris that if anything dangerous occurs he must notify either him or the council before leaving. 

Later, Sunset Shimmer and Chris arrive on Naboo. Sunset explains that she loves the rushing waters of the seas of Naboo, and enjoys guessing the names of the birds singing. Chris explains that he doesn't like sand, as it is rough and rather irritating. Chris and Sunset turn to look at each other. Finally realizing their feelings for each other, they embrace in a passionate kiss. Then Sunset pulls away and said she shouldn't done that., to which Chris promptly apologized. 

A few hours later, Chris and Sunset are at a meadow having a discussion about politics. Chris tells her that they need a system for the politicians and sit down, and simply discuss the matter. The two come to an agreement, but Sunset points out that not everyone agrees. Chris then points out that they should be made to agree by someone wise enough. Sunset says that Chris is making fun of her ways, but Chris denies it and condescendingly states he'd be too frightened to tease a new princess in training, which makes Sunset giggle. Then Chris tries riding on a huge Bison-like creature, but tumbles off once it bucks him off. He lays on the ground as Sunset runs over and turns him over. Chris starts laughing as they both hug each other and roll on the ground laughing.

Later that night, Chris and Sunset have dinner, as Chris is talking about "Aggressive Negotiations", which Sunset asks about, to which Chris explains it's negotiations that end in conflict. Chris then Force lifts a pear from Sunset's plate and cuts it and then Force floats the piece onto her fork. Then as the two sit in a lounge in front of a fireplace, Chris tells Sunset that from the moment he met her, not a day where she did not come to his thoughts. And now that he's with her, he's at peace, and the closer he gets, the more he feels completed, and having a thought of not being near her gives him pain, metaphorically stating it makes him hard to breath. Later that night, Chris is having trouble sleeping, as he's having a nightmare about Marguerite. Chris then awakens the next morning, gazing out at the rising sun as Sunset comes in. She states she was about to leave, but he tells her not too. Sunset asks what's wrong, and ask if Chris had a nightmare. Chris denies, stating Jedi don't have nightmares, but Sunset tells him that she heard him making many noises last night. Chris explains that his nightmare was about Marguerite being tortured with Sith Lightning. Chris then tells Sunset he has to go and help her, but Sunset states she'll go with him.

Meanwhile, Chris and Sunset fly back to Earth, where they land at a ship port. They head to meet up with Vinny Griffin. As Chris asks him where he can find Marguerite, Vinny asks if he went to Mr. and Mrs. Pewterschmidt, as they should know more than he does. Afterwards, Chris and Sunset head to their house. Chris and Sunset arrive at the Pewterschmit's place, and meet up with Little Bear and his friends. Chris asks if Marguerite was there, but Little Bear tells them that they better come indoors. When they head inside, they meet Carter and Barbara Pewterschmidt. Carter then explains to Chris that just a few weeks ago, a group of Sith asassins led an assault on a nearby city. Marguerite and her sqaud were sent to stop them, but she was captured and dragged her away during combat. Chris then races on his speeder and drives off to find her, As he searches, he stops at random locations to ask for directions, and after each one he begins his search again. 

After hours of searching, Chris finds the secret Sith Academy and scopes it down. He then slowly sneaks his way into the academy grounds, and he finds Marguerite, severely starved and tortured by the Sith teachers. She is surprised to see Chris and compliments him on his appearance. She slowly begins losing her breath and then dies. Chris stares in shock and sadness and then he slowly grows angry as he looks to the  approaching Sith Lords. He then ignites his lightsaber and effortlessly kills two of them in fury. A Sith messenger rings a gong which alerts the entire academy to Chris' presence. The Sith, teachers and students alike, start charging at him. A furious Chris begins killing them one-by-one. In Canterlot, Princess Luna senses this and Brian asks her what's wrong, to which Luna explains that Chris is in deep pain and suffering, and he's unleashing his fury on others.

Then later on, Sunset brings Chris some food. And he tells her that Marguerite has died, and that he could have saved her but shouldn't. Then Chris reveals that he killed the entire Sith Academy, but also  notes that not only did he kill the adult teachers, but also the young students as well.  Chris states he hates them as he falls to his knees and begins crying. Sunset sits next to him and notes that anger is part of human nature. Chris states that since he's a Jedi, he should have never had did what he had just done. As he continues to weep, Sunset continues comforting him.

Days later, at Marguerite's funeral, Chris takes his turn saying words on her behalf, stating that she was a great friend and powerful Jedi warrior that will not be forgotten. he walks up to her grave and says that he wasn't strong enough to save her, but promises to be stronger and that he will be better. Just then, BB-8 rolls over and plays Chris and the others a message. He then plays Blythe's transmission, as he also broadcasts it to the Canterlot princesses. On the transmission, Blythe says that the 6 Axis are the ones behind the assassination of Sunset Shimmer. She also explains that the villains' have gathered a huge droid army, but before she can continue she is attacked by a droidikai and the transmission cuts off. Princess Luna states there is more happening on Geonosis. Brian then tells Chris that they will deal with the Nightmares, while they stay where they are. And he is protect Sunset at all costs. But Sunset notes that they won't get there in time, and Chris states that Blythe is still alive, but states that he was told to stay put. Sunset notes that she is going to save Blythe and Chris is coming with her. Sunset then starts the ship and flies it for Geonosis.

When their ship soon arrives at Geonosis, Sunset notices some steam coming from the side of a cliff. Chris flies into a vent, and before stepping out. Sunset tells Chris to let her lead, for she doesn't want to start another battle, and the two walk out of the ship as BB-8 then follows closely behind with Little Bear and his friends behind him after K-2SO tries to stop them. Chris and Sunset then walk into a big hallway, but then a bunch of bug-type creatures appear and start attacking the two as Chris ignites his lightsaber and starts killing them as Sunset falls off a walkway and into the factory. Chris then jumps after, and continues fighting the bug creatures. Sunset is attacked by assembly droids but manages to use evasive maneuvers to avoid being hit with one of them. Chris then jumps onto a lower conveyor belt to gain advantage in fighting the bugs. Chris continues killing the bug-like aliens while avoiding the robots blaster fire, but then one of the aliens pushes Sunset into a huge pail. As Little Bear and his friends continue down the conveyor belt, K-2SO's head is hit by an arm and is being taken where battle droids get their heads on. Little Bear grabs on and try to save K-2SO's head only to find it was attached to a battle droid's body.  As the bug-things continue to draw fire at Chris, he then uses the Force to get pieces of droids and knocks them off the conveyor belt. He then Force leaps onto a higher conveyor belt, only to be hit by one of the robots, and getting his hand stuck underneath some of the metal being pressed. As Sunset tries to get out of the pail, it's starts to head to a molten metal drain pipe. However, BB-8 flies in, stops the pipe, and frees Sunset just in the nick of time. As Chris avoids many of the cutting robots, one of them that cuts the metal he's stuck in and cuts his lightsaber in half, leaving a sparking end. Chris states that his dad will kill him when he finds out his lightsaber got destroyed. Some of the bug-things surround Sunset while droidikais and Rogue surround Chris.

At the execution arena, Chris and Sunset Shimmer were in handcuffs and headed to the execution chamber. Sunset then tells Chris that she loves him, to which Chris replies that he does as well. Blythe is chained to a concrete post being forced to watch the execution. Chris and Sunset are then locked into a chamber that begins filling with poisonous red gas. They begin to choke, gag and cough on the toxic vapors, struggling to catch their breath. However, at that moment, an entire fleet of Jedi (including the Griffin Family) arrived and began fighting off the enemy forces. Brian created an exit for Sunset and Chris using his lightsaber, freeing the two before they could succumb to the gas. Shortly after, three doors open up and three animals are released; a Triceratops, a Carnotaurus, and a Saber-Tooth Tiger. As the animals approach the pillars, Sunset then manages to pull a hairpin from her hair and starts to pick the locks on her cuffs. Chris notes he has a bad feeling about their current predicament, to which Blythe reminds him to be relaxed and concentrate. Chris asks about Sunset, but Blythe points out that Sunset is now currently at the top of the pillar. The Carnotaur frees Blythe, and the Triceratops frees Chris, but the Saber Tooth Tiger scratches Sunset's back! Chris then throws his chain around the Triceratops' front horn and rides it as 2 guards ride next them, but then Chris falls off after being bucked off and gets dragged by the chain. As the Saber-Tooth Tiger tries to get to Sunset, she then swings from her chain and kicks it off the pillar. Trixie protests against it, as The Carnotaur tries to get Blythe, she tricks it into hitting the pillar. One of the guards races over to her, but Blythe grabs his staff and throws him off his chariot. Chris hops back on the Triceratops and throws the chain around its neck and begins riding it. Blythe uses the guard's staff to battle the Carnotaur, while Chris rides the Triceratops over to Sunset's pillar, in which the Triceratops kills the Saber-tooth, and Sunset then jumps onto the Triceratops. As Blythe throws the staff at the Carnotaur, but the Carnotaur bites if off and breaks it. Blythe then manages to  hop onto the Triceratops. As Suri Polomare is frustrated about it and orders Rogue to finish them off, but King Sombra tells her to have patience as several droidekais appear and surround the three.

Suddenly Brian appears from the shadows and puts his saber over Rogue's neck, and claims the party is over, as all of the Jedi arrive to the scene. Several battle droids come in and start shooting at Brian as Rogue fires flames at him, but he jumps to avoid it. Then all Jedi charge the Droid army and the final battle begins.  The droids continue their line of fire as Sunset takes control a loose chariot and rides it as Chris hops in the chariot, then Little Bear and his friends enter the battle and were horrified of the sight, but Little Bear tells them that if they act like droids, they won't shoot them. One Jedi tries to get Nightmare Moon and Sombra, but Rogue shoots at him with his Blaster rifle, which he kills him. As the others continue battling, the Triceratops appears again and briefly chases Brian as Rogue flies into the arena, but Brian cuts off one of the Triceratops' horns, dropping his lightsaber in the act. Rogue then tries to grab it but Brian gets to it first as the Triceratops then chases after Rogue and rolls him over, but Rogue kills the Triceratops. Brian then leaps in the air and lands behind Rouge and then swiftly decapitates him with his lightsaber as his son, Leo, watches in horror. As the battle rages on, one droid knocks over the chariot as Chris and Sunset take cover behind and continue fighting. The Carnotaur tries to attack Blythe again, but this time Blythe gains the upper hand and slashes its stomach and then cuts off its leg and kills it. BB-8 shows up to the fight and he takes Little Bear and his friends to a safe ground. Soon all the droids surround all Jedi as Nightmare Moon tells Brian and his Jedi army to surrender and their lives will be spared. But Peter Griffin sternly refuses, as the droids part their blaster at them, prepared to fire. But then suddenly, several ships fly in and the Clone Equines being blasting at the droids, rescuing the others, accidently leave Little Bear, his friends, and BB-8 behind. And Leo takes the head of his dead father and bows down to avenge him.

Soon a great battle insued between the Clone Equines and the droids. While Nightmare Moon and King Sombra prepare to escape, Brian and Blythe have them corner the two in a hanger. Brian then charges at them, armed with Peter Griffin's enchanted lightersaber, but is shocked by Nightmare Moon's Force Lightning. Blythe then engages Nightmare in a duel, but ultimatley gets wounded. Brian jumps in and tries to fight Nightmare Moon with Peter and Blythe's lightsabers, but Blythe's gets destroyed and King Sombra wounds him by stabbing him in the leg with a darksaber, and then throws him into a wall. With the duel seemingly over, Sombra turned his attention towards his Peter's lightsaber and attempted to use the Force to draw it into his hand to claim what was said to be the galaxies' strongest lightsaber. Instead, it flew past him and landed in the hands of Chris, who used the Force to call it to him—as it was his destiny and birthright to wield the lightsaber of Peter Griffin, his father. Chris ignited the weapon and engaged Sombra in a tense duel. At first, Sombra had the upper hand, remaining on the offensive as he pressed his attack against the retreating Jedi Knight. Chris then realized he could call upon the powers of the Force and use the power within the lightsaber to instantly increase his power and began using that to his advantage. He turned the tide of the fight and pushed her own offensive against the dark warrior, who he was finally able to disarm. Before Chris could do any real damage, Nightmare Moon attempts to force drop a pillar onto Blythe, but Chris saves her just in time. Nightmare Moon then transports Sombra to a different location and then teleports away herself, swearing revenge on the Jedi. 

Later that night, Chris and Sunset Shimmer shared a kiss with Little Bear, his friends, and BB-8 as witnesses.

Rescuing Barret Barricade

Two years later, the Clone Equine War still rages on, but in the midst of it, General Skull captured a senator named Barret Barricade and Chris and Brian go to Cloud City to rescue him. In Cloud City, the Clone Equine ships are battling against the Separatist as Chris and Brian fly in with their X-Wings and spot General Skull's command ship, but as they flew for it, several vulture droids fly in and some of the clone fighters follow behind our heroes and they clash. One fires homing rockets at them, causing Chris and Brian split up But Chris uses his flight skills to lose the rockets while Brian is tangled with buzz droids. As one of them takes out his droid, Chris tries to shoot them off but it only further damages Brian's ship, so then Chris rams them off the ship. Chris then shoots out the deflector shield to General Skull's ship and and they fly in the hanger.

The two leap out of their shuttles and take out the droids as BB-8 links into the system and locates Barret in the tower. Brian and Chris head for the elevators as BB-8 stays behind to guard their X-wings.They enter the elevator but then the it abruptly stops.Chris then cuts a hole in the roof and hops out while Brian tells BB-8 that they need to be on number 38. But then when BB-8 starts to link into the system, the Magna droids go to check it out. BB-8 then makes the elevator speed downward. As three droids hold Chris at gunpoint, BB-8 corrects it and gets the elevator going the right way as Chris leaps onto it and it kills the droids.

As soona as the elevator reaches the top floor, Brian and Chris find Barret in the chair restrained. As they walk up to him, Nightmare Moon and Sombra then appear and deploy their lightsabers. During the duel, Brian is knocked out, which causes Chris to use his fury to overwhelm the two, cutting off their hooves and decapitating them, much to Barret's surprise. Chris then regains his composure and frees him.

They then race to the landing dock (as Chris carries Brian). But then the ship starts falling after a massive blast from one of the Republic Cruisers, but Chris and Barret grab on some wires just in time. Brian then wakes up and hangs on Chris, but then the elevator skids down straight for them, but they jump down and get catapulted right through the door opening. As they race for the landing dock, a shield then appears and traps them. BB-8 arrives to assist them, but they are soon surrounded by droids.

Then they are taken to the bridge where they meet the fiendish skeleton/droid hybrid general "General Skull", who proceeds to taunt them and take their lightsabers, giving BB-8 enough time to free them, and Brian and Chris confronted Skull, who then fled in an escape pod. Forcing the two Jedi and senator to pilot the ship and land as safely as they could, Chris crash-landed the ship on the surface of Coruscant, causing Brian to quip "Another happy landing!" 

Returning home and fall to the Dark Side 

Chris arrived back in Canterlot, and Barret and Celestia hug for a reunion and explains that General Skull had escaped. Shining Armor tells him that he'll run and hide, because he's a coward, but they will eventually find him. Barret tells him that with Nightmare Moon and King Sombra dead, the war will soon come to an end. Princess Celestia tells him that she has a surprise for him, along with the others. In the throne room, she announces that she's having another foal! Everyone is amazed of the news, and Pinkie decided to throw a party. Chris returns home with Sunset Shimmer and his family and they have a happy reunion.

Later that night, Chris has a nightmare where Princess Celestia dies in child birth. Chris wakes up with a cold sweat and then walks to the balcony as Sunset follows. As Chris gazes at the moon, Sunset asks him what's wrong, and Chris tells her that he had a force vision Celestia died in child birth. She tells him that her foal will change their lives, and Chris tells her that she is right and that Celestia's foal is a blessing.

The next morning, Chris explains his nightmare to Princess Luna. She tells him to be careful of sensing the future, a fear of loss leads to the path of the Dark Side. Chris then tells her that the visions most likely won't come true. Then later, at the council meeting, Chris requests for him to become a Jedi Master, but the council denies his request. Chris angrily takes a seat, and then one of the Jedi insists that someone should go and defend the Ewoks on the forest moon of Endor. The Cutie Mark Crusaders insist they will go, and tell them that they have a good relationship with the Ewoks. Although Applejack, Rarity, and Rainbow have doubts, they agree. Meanwhile, Chris and Peter have a short argument about the council denying Chris' request. Peter tells him that something is coming, and they don't know what it is. He tells him that the council has assigned him to do this task because they can give him a chance to prove them wrong.

Chris was with Sunset on the couch where he notes that's he feels like the war is destroying the many qualities of the Republic. Sunrise asks if they're on the wrong side, but Chris tells her he doesn't believe that, and states that she's acting like a separatist. Sunrise then asks Chris to try and ask the senate to stop the fighting, but Chris refused, as it was out of his power. Sunset tells Chris to hold Sunrise, like from Naboo

Later that night, Chris goes to a theater to see Andrew Lloyd Weeber's "Cats". Before the show starts, a mysterious stranger in a dark cloak sits down beside him. After a while, the figure abruptly asks him if he had heard of the tragedy of "Darth Henebrous the Wise." Chris stated he didn't, and the figure proceeded to tell him of a Sith Lord named Darth Henebrous, who was so strong in the Force that he could use it to "save the ones he cared about from dying" via using time travel, as he was one of the few beings in the galaxy to know the ability. However, before he could pass the power on the others, his apprentice, who also knew the power, killed him in his sleep. Chris, enthralled by the story, wished to know more about this power, asking him if he could learn it, with the figure stating, "Not from a Jedi."

The following day, Sunset Shimmer tells Chris he's been under a lot of stress, to which Chris admits that he feels lost, and that he feels he is not the Jedi he should be and want's more. He later explains that he thinks the council doesn't trust him, but Sunset says that they trust him with their lives. Chris says that he found a way to save Princess Celestia if she dies from childhood, and he says that Sunset Shimmer will have to trust him.

Back at the Temple, Billy lets the council know that Brian has engaged General Skull and they began their attack. Chris then departs to let the senate know. Chris then reports to the Senate about Brian engaging General Skull, but then the figure from theater appears again and asks why they won't make him a Jedi Master. Chris states isn't sure why, but he is seeking the truth. He feels that he's being excluded from the council, and that there are certain aspects about the Force he still doesn't know about. The figure says that they don't trust him, as he then offers to help Chris learn more about the Force. When Chris gets confused and asks him of how he knows the ways of the Force, the figure says that his mentor told him everything about the Force, even the nature of the Dark Side. Chris gets confused as the figure explains that if he is to become a wise leader, then he has to look at all aspects of the Force. And only through him, he can achieve a power greater than any Jedi, and he must learn to use the Dark side of the Force and only then will he be able to save Celestia from death. Suddenly, Chris noticed a yellow feather coming from the bottom of the cloak and takes off the cloth and reveals it was none other than Ernie the Giant Chicken/Darth Poultrous, the Sith lord who his father imprisoned many years ago. Chris activates his lightsaber and points it at Poultrous. Chris said that Poultrous was the true mastermind behind the Clone Equine Wars. Poultrous stated that he knew what was troubling Chris and wanted him to not be cast aside from the Jedi council. As Chris kept his saber pointed at Poultrous, Poultrous then asks if he's gonna kill him, as Chris admits that he indeed would like to, to which Poultrous agrees as he feels his anger, which he claims is making him stronger. Chris then shuts done his saber and tells Poultrous that he's going turn him into the Council. While Poultrous says he should, he  also states Chris has no clue of their intentions and also claims that while Chris has great power, if he knows the power of the Dark Side, then he'll be able to protect Celestia from death.

Later, Chris goes to Captain Emerald who then explains that General Skull was killed by his father. Captain Emerald then goes to let the senate know about it, but Chris tells him that Ernie is running the senate. Emerald is shocked to hear Poultrous had escaped, as Chris explains that he encountered him after he informed that senate that Peter and Brian dispatched General Skull. Emerald then states that they should go to kill Ernie if the Jedi Order is to stay intact. Chris explains that they should merely arrest Ernie, but Captain Emerald strictly tells him to stay at the temple. He and some Jedi hop into a shuttle, and take off to the senate. Later, Chris and Sunset look outside windows, thinking about each other.

Becoming Darth Griffin and the Rise of the Chicken Empire 

At the senate, Captain Emerald and the Jedi spot Poultrous and activate their lightsabers. Poultrous activates his and dashes forward to the Jedi, killing the other 3 Jedi and duels Emerald. As Captain Emerald continues dueling Poultrous, they shatter the glass of the office window and Emerald bucks Poultrous, knocking his saber from his grip as he keeps his own pointed at Poultrous. Just as Chris races in, and Poultrous states that he was right all along and that the Jedi are taking over. When Emerald states that Poultrous has lost, Poultrous fires Force Lightning from his fingertips but Emerald blocks it. Poultrous shouts that Emerald is a traitor, but Emerald counters, stating that Poultrous is the traitor. Poultrous then looses his strength and stops the Force Lightning. Emerald states he will kill Poultrous and end it once and for all, but Chris says he must face trial for his actions, rather than flat-out being killed on the spot. Emerald states Poultrous has control of the Senate and the courts, and is too dangerous to be kept alive as Poultrous pleads for his life. But Chris states it's not the Jedi way, and Poultrous must live, as well as he needs him to save Celestia. But Emerald readies his lightsaber to strike Poultrous down, but as he swings for the strike Chris ignites his own lightsaber and cuts off his horn at the last second. As Poultrous then fires full power Force Lightning at Emerald that sends him flying out the window and down to his death. As Chris deactivates his saber, devastated by his decision. Poultrous then tells him that he's fulfilling his destiny and requests for him to join him and he can teach him more about the Force, which Chris pledges his teachings to Poultrous. Poultrous says that the Force is strong, and Chris shall be known as "Darth Griffin". (and at the same time, Luna sense Chris' turn through the Force). Poultrous then tells him that every single Jedi, including Peter Griffin and his friends, are now enemies of the Republic. But Chris asks him about the other Jedi across the galaxy, Poultrous says that their betrayal will be delt with by the Clone Equines. And he states that once more the Sith will rule the galaxy, and that afterwards they will have peace.

Soon, Chris leads an army of Clone Equines and marched into the Jedi temple to begin the Jedi Purge. Meanwhile at Endor, Commander Billy tells Peter and Brian to order his troops to the starship, and Billy gives him his lightsaber as Peter deploys it, his Dewback begins climbing up the ship. However, Poultrous appears on a hologram and tells him that the time has come and says: "Execute Order 66". Billy then removes his disquise, revealing him to be another Sith Lord named Sideshow Bob. He follows the order and orders his men to fire at Peter and Brian, a walker open fires and Peter, Brian and their Dewback fall down and land in the sand, but only Peter and Brian survived. Back at the Jedi Temple, all of the Jedi are slaughtered and Chris makes his way to the training room, killing the Jedi younglings (which ultimately causes Chris' lightsaber to deem Chris unworthy). Throughout the galaxy, the Clone Equines begin turning on their Jedi Commanders and kill them, leaving only a few major survivors (Belle, Ariel, Jasmine, Anna, Elsa, Judy Hopps, Kitty Katswell, the Mane 6, and the Cutie Mark Crusaders). Back at the Jedi Temple, Sunset Shimmer observes the carnage from her window. Then, Sunrise Shimmer, Human Twilight, the Human Mane 5, and the Crystal Prep Girls arrive and tell her that Chris has returned to the Jedi temple. Sunrise tells her that he'll be alright, but Sunset begins to break down in tears. Soon, the royals and ask the troopers what happened. One said that there's been a rebellion, before being held at gunpoit. Then, when the royals prepare to leave, a youngling appears and kills some troopers before being blasted in the chest by Sideshow Bob. The royals were horrified but they escaped just in time. Back on Tatooine, Brian and Peter crawl away from the troopers and run away. On Endor, the Cutie Mark Crusaders say goodbye to Wicket and that may the Force be with him, and they escape in their shuttle.

Eventually, Peter and Brian escape in General Skull's shuttle and make contact with the others and Barret comes in and sends him their coordinates. Meanwhile, Chris reunites with the girls and tells Sunset Shimmer that the senate has gave him an important mission. Queen Chrysalis, Discord, Suri Polomare, Katty Katswell, and some of the Changelings are hiding on Coruscant in Palpatine's old hideout and he tells her to have faith, and he flies away. 

Chris arrives on Coruscant and walks into the hideout as Suri Polomare greets him, but then Chris deploys his lightsaber and stares fiercely at them. Back at the Jedi Temple, Peter and company fight and retake the temple, but were horrified of the carnage they see before them. The Jedi Padawans, Masters, and Knights, and even the younglings were all dead. Princess Luna says they were not killed by the Clones, but a Jedi Knight with a lightsaber did. Back on Coruscant, Chris kills Katty, Suri, the Changelings, then Discord effortlessly, and fatally chokes Chrysalis to death.

Soon, Blythe recalibrates the code to warn all Jedi to stay away from the temple. Peter wants to learn more, he hacks into the security camera but Zecora explains that he'll only find pain, but Peter tells her that he must learn the truth. Then, it shows Chris killing the Jedi much to our heroes shock, including the entire Griffin Family. It then shows Darth Poultrous had returned and told Chris to do it as well. Peter turns it off, stating he can't watch anymore. When Twilight says that they must destroy Poultrous at once, Peter request to let him borrow one of their lightsabers to kill Poultrous, but Princess Luna tells him that he'll risk death if he does. Brian tells then tells Luna he does not know where Chris is, Luna tells him to use his feelings and he'll find him. Peter decided to tell Sunset Shimmer where he is. Thomas points out if the Clone Equines have turned on the Jedi, then a new Empire could be born. Princess Celestia has decided that they must go to Kamino and exterminate all computers in hopes that a new Empire wont be born, as Princess Luna agrees that she'll duel with Ernie.

Chris tells Poultrous that the other villains were dead, to which Poultrous tells him that he had brought peace and justice in the galaxy, and orders him to shut down all droid units immediately. As Chris does so, he spots a shuttle. After the shuttle lands, Sunset and Chris run up to each other and embrace. When he asks what she was doing there during a time of despair, Sunset tells him that she was worried about him and that Peter stated that Chris turned into the Dark Side. Chris then states that Peter was trying to turn her against him and claims that he has become more powerful than even Ernie, and that he can over thrown him and eventually  he and Sunset can rule the galaxy and make things whatever they want it to be. Sunset Shimmer couldn't believe what Chris had said, knowing that the others were right all along. Chris tells her not to turn against him as they had supposedly done. She then claims she doesn't even know him any more and he's going down a path she can't follow, and that he's breaking her heart. She tearfully then begs him to come back to the light. However, tentions flare when Peter and Brian present themselves. Chris then believes that Sunset brought him to kill him and then he starts Force Choking her. Peter then sternly orders him to let her go. After Chris does so, he tells him that he turned Sunset against him and they won't take Sunset away from him. But Brian states he already done that to himself. Peter states that Chris allowed Poultrous to manipulate him and that Chris had become the very thing he swore to destroy. But Chris totes back, claiming that he had brought peace, freedom, justice, and security to his new Empire. Peter and Brian was cross as he stated that they were with the Republic, while Chris stated they if they were not going to join him, then they are his enemies. Knowing that they have no choice, Peter and Brian engage him in a duel. 

Duel with his father and dog/Seeing the error of his ways/Attempt to kill Ernie

Although Peter and Brian tried reason with Chris throughout the intense duel, Chris refused to listen as the new Empire was everything he wanted the galaxy to be. Their battle ripped across the Separatist facility, eventually causing it to deactivate and fall into the  river below. Peter solemnly tells Chris that he had failed him as both a Jedi Master and a father. Chris says that the Jedi were plotting to take over and he should have predicted it and the two clash on with their duel. Chris managed to pin his father by the throat and tries to cut his arm off, but his lightsaber merely counces off his father's arm. Peter then punches and disarms Chris, taking the lightsaber. Peter reminds Chris that only a pure-hearted Jedi can weild the lightsaber and that in the hands of a Sith it can never harm an innocent or a Jedi. Chris attempts to use Force Lightning on them only to be struck when Sunset Shimmer shot him with a blaster pistol. Heartbroken over his son's fall to the dark side, Peter tearfully expressed his disgust and sadness over Chris' fate, telling him how he loved him as his son. The three tearfully and sadly leave as Chris writhes on the ground, slowly sucummbing to his wound. 

As Chris dies, Death appears and wakes up Chris' spirit. Chris asks why is he here and Death proceeds to scold him for turning into the Dark Side and killing all Jedi. Chris responded back that he was doing what was right. But Death denies it, and transports Chris to the future. In the future, Death shows that the galaxy has turned into a dystopian wasteland ruled by The Chicken Empire and it's emperor, Ernie. Death also shows Chris his future self, Darth Griffin, who was in a Sith cloth, and has complete Sith red eyes. Death also shows that every single Jedi, including Chris' family and friends, had been killed and their lightsabers were stolen as trophies. Chris' non force sensitive friends were also turned into slaves who worked endlessly in labor camps. Chris couldn't believe what was eesentially his fault. He breaks down and tearfully states that he never wanted this. Chris tells him that he's sorry, and that Death needs to send him to the past to kill Poultrous before it all begins. Death thinks for a moment but agrees, sending Chris to the past to save the future, but only for a certain amount of time.

After being sent back in time to where Ernie prepared to infiltrate the Jedi Temple, Chris traveled to the palace of Henebrous, where he fough through Ernie's guards and confronted the Sith Lord. Ernie brushed off Chris as being another mindless Jedi, until Chris managed to cut Ernie with the enchanted lightsaber. Ernie then reconizes the lightsaber as the same that Peter Griffin used to imprison him, as well as seeing Chris was the son of the same warrior. Ernie took out his lightsaber and began combating Chris. Although Chris was almost defeated, he used the powers of the lightsaber to overpower Ernie's evil and best the Sith Lord after an intense battle. Chris managed to severely wound Ernie by slamming him into the wall and ground and then throwing him through a large door, but before he could deal the final blow, Chris had ran out of time and was sent centuries into the future.

The Future

When Chris finally escaped the portal, he found himself in the dystopian future Death had showed him. After Chris escaped being crushed, he met three alien teens who called him "Jack". He asked them where he was and what was going on around him, and he learned that Ernie had conquered the galaxy and continues to spread his influence across the universe, enslaving many planets while using a superweapon called the Death Star as his base of operations. The teens then showed him a bar where he could get a drink, but Chris was attacked by crooks, however, he quickly disposed of them. This caught the attention of a group of Ewok archaeologists, who discovered the truth about Chris' origins and asked for his help in saving their group from Ernie's oppression. Chris consented, and left with them, heading off to a Rebel base on Hoth. Though they did not know it, the group was being watched by one of Ernie's spies, who hastily informed him of Chris' actions at the bar.

Chris and the archaeologists later arrived at the Rebel base were excavating and saw the tragedies that befell those incapable of fulfilling Ernie's bidding. He and the rebels then came up with a strategy to defeat Ernie's army led by Darth Griffin. On the day of the attack, Chris and the rebels faced the Imperial Fleet and managed to drastically reduce their numbers, but not before running out of artillery and being forced to fight the remaining ones on foot. Chris was told to help the rebels fight inside one of the bases, not knowing the one who told him was an Imperial Officer. Chris' path was diverted to a loading bay where Darth Griffin, the Sith Lord Chris had became, awaited him, with the intention to kill him like he had all the other Jedi. Chris engaged the Dark Lord in a fierce duel and continued pushing on despite numerous injuries. After severing Chris' hand from his body, Darth Griffin attempted to seduce the weakened Jedi to the dark side of the Force, offering Chris the chance to destroy Ernie and "bring order to the galaxy." Seeing no way out, Chris chose death instead by throwing himself down the long shaft surrounding them. He was, however, caught by one of the rebel's X-Wings, preventing his death. With the army retreating and their AT-ATs destroyed, the rebels thanked the last Jedi and went their separate ways. Chris would then go on many adventures, make friends, and help out many people as he searched for a way back in time or an opportunity to destroy Ernie.

During one of these adventures, Chris was wandering through a bronze-colored grassland full of crickets, a desert filled with sand dunes, and climbs up perilous mountains before reaching a gap that proves impossible to bridge. Chris turns around, bearing bitter cold but at last makes his way to more temperate climes, walking next to a beautiful river where he stoops to drink some water. He looks at the sky and then ponders his reflection, until he sees a weathered statue next to him. He brushes away some moss and then scans the horizon. "Can it be?" he asks himself.

He then finds and rings an ancient bell that has long since sat in ruin, he brushes away some overgrowth when he beholds the symbol of the Jedi, which causes him to back away in shock. Realizing that his former home, the Jedi temple, is now a ruin, Chris begins to reminisce about his home, thinking back to what the buildings looked like in the past, thinking about the age where the Jedi protected the universe, thinking about Chris' Jedi family and friends, images that are juxtaposed by those of ruins. Chris breaks down in tears at the sorry sight of his boyhood home.

We next see a flashback of young Chris playing in a field of reeds hunting a grasshopper, mimicking how it hops away from him. He runs into a young girl who is at the same game, chasing her own grasshopper. They combine their efforts and begin to chase a grasshopper before Chris falls into a puddle. Seeing his distress, the girl jumps into the puddle as well. The girl and Chris continue their pursuit, before the grasshopper at last spreads its wings and flies away. Seeing this makes the girl distraught, Chris makes an origami grasshopper for her, which upon receiving, she kisses Chris on the cheek in appreciation. This may very well have been Chris' first kiss.

Next, Chris comes to a ruined bridge that no longer spans a long dried riverbed. Another flashback begins, as young Chris is feeding some fish in the same river. A Jedi pushing his son in a baby-cart with squeaky wheels reach the bridge, where they suddenly stop and gaze at the bridge. Chris turns and sees four shadowy figures wearing fukaamigasa hats standing abreast on the bridge, blocking the way. The Jedi lets the child out of the cart, who goes to stand next to Chris. The Jedi walks up to the shadowy figures and stops. He pauses a moment and then rushes forward, drawing his sword and dispatching one of the four figures with a slice of his lightsaber. After some sword-play, the Jedi quickly defeats the other three warriors fall into the river, joining their comrade.

During the short but brutal battle, Chris, at times, closes his eyes and looks away briefly, horrified by the mortal combat which began so suddenly. Without a word, the young boy returns to his father, who picks him up. Chris stares in awe at the pair and we notice that the man and his son have the same intense eyes, shishogan eyes, eyes that have seen endless slaughter and death. Amazed by this display of swordsmanship, young Chris picks up a stick and begins to swing it about like a lightsaber.

Next, we see a street to a temple, flanked by many warriors. Chris sees his young self embrace his parents, whom Chris calls out to and finds that tears have sprung into his eyes once again.

The time-flung warrior continues to wander the ruins of his home until he notices in amazement the remains of a ball-shaped droid with which he used to play as a boy.

Another flashback beings and we see young Chris running and tossing around the droid happily, until he is tripped by a bully who takes the droid away. Young Chris tries to retrieve the ball, but the bullies begin to play keep away before knocking Chris down. This makes young Chris begin to cry.

We next see young Chris sitting with his father, who tells Chris that some things are worth fighting for. Young Chris is then seen sitting outside while some birds flock around him. Young Chris sneezes and the birds fly away, frightened. This gives young Chris an idea.

The three bullies walk down a path where we see hundreds of birds a lit on the ground. Young Chris frightens the birds, who all fly off at once. This startles the bullies who drop the droid. In this confusion, young Chris retrieves his ball and proudly walks away as the bullies try to find it.

Sensing a presence nearby, Chris travels a few miles and finally finds his family and friends enslaved. The countryside is riddled with likenesses of Ernie, and Peter Griffin, like all the other Jedi, have been put to work in the mines, though they are being tormented by Ernie's evil minions far more than anyone else. Chris soon found his father, who was reduced to a decrepit, weakened slave. The Jedi easily defeats the minions and frees his father from his shackles. Peter falls to his knees, slowly succumbing to starvation. He tells his son that he knew he would return. Chris asks what became of the Jedi, Sunset Shimmer and the Princesses. His father responds the Jedi were all slaughtered or enslaved, Sunset Shimmer had died under Ernie's rules, and the Princesses were all sent to Tarturus where they presumably died. Chris promises that he will destroy Ernie with the power of the lightsaber, but his father berates him, saying that the lightsaber is but a tool, and that the true power lies in the hands that wield it. His father then dies in his arms. Chris then buries his father, planting the ball from his childhood on his grave. Chris then sets off on his speeder bike with a final shot of all the Jedi within what appears to be Heaven, who look at Chris, with obvious pride at the man he has become.

100 Years Into The Future

100 Years have passed... But I do not age. Time has lost its effect on me... Yet the suffering continues. Ernie's grasp chokes the past... Present... And future. Hope is lost... Gotta get back... Back to the past... The Last Jedi.

~ Chris Griffin

During his hundred years in Ernie's time, Chris spent much of his time helping people across the galaxy, garnering the respect of everyone he has helped along the way. Some have even made efforts to take down Ernie's minions that have tried to kill him before they even ran into Ernie

However, Chris has still not found a way back home or defeat Ernie, but Death's time travel spell has rendered Chris ageless. During this time, Ernie had destroyed nearly every method of returning to the past. In "The Return of The Jedi", it is revealed that at some point, Chris lost his lightsaber after Ernie prevented him from using the final time portal, destroying the way home and mutating a trio of Ewoks that had been following the Jedi before escaping. Chris fought and killed the corrupted Ewoks, only to have his sword fall into the pit where the time portal once stood, forcing him from then on to use futuristic technology such as blaster pistols, explosives and a heavily-armed speederbike. Despite becoming disillusioned and haunted by the past, Chris still continues his journey, though his sanity appears to be slowly slipping away. During the course of 50 years, all the people and species saved by him, as well as other oppressed people in the galaxy by Ernie, had been inspired by his nobility and braveness in which they openly rebel against Ernie and the Chicken Empire.

In the episode "50 Years Have Past", he rescues a family from the Beetle Drones. While riding on his speederbike, he sees a plume of smoke in the distance but chooses to ignore it. When stopping for water, he sees extremely disturbing visions of his parents and the Jedi asking why has he forsaken them, followed by a mysterious and ominous armored figure riding on a Dewback staring at him. This last apparition frightened Chris so much that he hastily departs on his bike. This happens again in the night in which his father, in a hellish vision surrounded by flames, expressed his displeasure of Chris having forgotten his purpose, and Chris sees the rider once more. He then leaves the spot in fear. Chris finally arrives at the source of the smoke in a ruined city, and only sees death when he arrives. He then runs into Sideshow Bob, who mocks him for his late appearance and loss of his lightsaber before attempting to tell Ernie the news. Chris destroys his communicator mid-call and proceeds to fight him. During the fight he suffers another hallucination, this time with the children Sideshow Bob had slaughtered and the Jedi rider. Eventually, he succeeds in defeating Sideshow Bob, claims the general's tuning darksaber and proceeds to leave the area.

In "Just Mindless Clones", he travels to a fork in the road and turns left. He stops to deal with a large Beetle Drone which he easily destroys with his electro-staff. After a while, the Daughters of Ernie ambush Chris, and destroy most of his equipment and parts of his armor. He uses explosives to escape and then hides within the now destroyed Beetle Drone. He has a hallucination of himself saying he should give up and join their ancestors since Chris lost his lightsaber. The hallucination urges Chris to honorably end his own life as there is no more honor in fighting and nothing can stop Ernie now that his lightsaber is gone. However, Chris refuses as he believes he can still find a way and his foes are always just "mindless clones". He then proceeds to hide in a nearby temple where the Daughters of Ernie eventually find him. When one of the hunters manages to stab him in the stomach, Chris kills her by slicing her throat. Chris is then horrified at the revelation he killed a human being and not just another pre-programmed clone. After recovering his stolen tuning fork darksaber, he proceeds to destroy the temple as he plunges into the river below to escape, passing out from the blood loss. His unconscious body floats downstream, bleeding out in the river.

In "Destiny", a barely alive Chris continues to float downriver. After Chris manages to grab hold of a floating log, a frog hops on, warning him the Daughters are not far behind. Eventually, Chris reaches the shore and makes his way to a cave, all the while being stalked by the mysterious Jedi. Inside the cave, Chris pulls the knife from his side with great discomfort before passing out. Upon waking up, his hallucination of himself appears again and taunts him over his first human kill, coming to the conclusion that Chris wanted the Daughters to kill him, though Chris himself denies this. The next morning, a blood-soaked Chris prepares to defend himself from an approaching figure. Instead, an equally blood-soaked wolf enters the cave and Chris passes out again. While unconscious, Chris remembers the time his father defended their family from a band of outlaws who had ambushed their carriage. Waking up again, Chris bonds with the wolf and uses the force to heal his wound almost instantly. Remembering his father's lesson, Chris and the wolf part ways and Chris prepares himself for another confrontation with the Daughters of Ernie. Soon enough, the Daughters track Chris back to his location. Echoing his father's words, a hidden Chris offers the Daughters an ultimatum: Leave, or face their destiny. The Daughters refuse and Chris, using the terrain and weather to his advantage, kills three of them, luring the final three to a fallen tree hanging over a cliff. Discarding his weapon, Chris sends two of the Daughters falling to their deaths before confronting the last one (revealed to be Lara). Ignoring her threats, Chris nonchalantly unwraps her chain from his wrist and lets her fall to to her apparent death. Unfortunately, the tree finally collapses from the struggle, sending Chris falling into the valley below.

Helping Lara see the Light

Ernie is evil personified. The darkest soul from the pits of Hell. To him, all that is good and innocent must be destroyed. That is his will, his desire. Here is your truth.
~ Chris revealing the truth about Ernie to Lara.

In "Another Innocent", following a nightmare about the Daughters of Ernie, Chris wakes up in the snow, having survived the fall into the valley. Soon enough, he finds Lara's body, seemingly dead on impact. Chris hallucinates that a murder of crows is taunting him for killing real people, though he quickly defends his actions, claiming the Daughters already chose their path. Unfortunately, Lara also survived the fall, and Chris easily manages to tie her up once again. As a restrained Lara continues to badmouth him while swinging from a tree, Chris ponders her way of thinking, and decides to convince her he is not an enemy. Before he can do so, however, a giant monster emerges from the ground and swallows them both whole. Against repeated attacks from Lara, Chris manages to save her and break their fall, landing in the bowels of the beast. When they stop to rest, Lara praises Ernie and revels in her "victory", gloating that they are both trapped inside the monster and Chris will soon die as a result. Chris is more positive, however, having experience exploring the innards of large creatures, and determines there must be another way out. As Chris tries to explain that Ernie is the true enemy, multiple blue-green creatures arrive and attempt to eat them, with Lara kicking Chris towards the horde in another attempt to kill him. Using one of their severed appendages as a makeshift sword as well as his force powers, Chris kills several of the creatures before rescuing an unhelpful Lara, strapping her to his back and retreating deeper into the monster. While stopping to rest again, a small puff-ball creature appears before Chris and tries to convince him to escape without Lara, believing she is only evil. Chris refuses to listen, but the creature's opinion is shared by Chris' self-hallucination. When Chris himself argues they are all in this predicament because of him, his hallucination reveals that Lara has disappeared. Ignoring his past self and snapping off a makeshift mace from the monster's body, Chris kills the crab-like creature that abducted Lara and brings her back. Unsurprisingly, she isn't grateful for the rescue. As Chris presses onward, Lara continues to rant about his inevitable demise while singing praise for Ernie. Finally fed up, Chris once again tries and fails to reason with her before being forced to take shelter from a hail of needles. Eventually, after hiding from a centipede-like creature, Chris takes the pieces of its discarded exoskeleton as makeshift armor, taking Lara's disgust as a compliment. While climbing to a higher area, Chris determines a way out is close, causing Lara to send them both falling. Fortunately, Chris manages to grab a makeshift vine and save them both, keeping Lara  on a longer leash for the rest of the climb. Finally, after reaching the top, Chris and Lara spot an exit to the outside over a large pool of acid. As they hitch a ride on one of the flying creatures, a large, transparent fish-like predator spots them and gives chase. Using the other flyers to evade and hide, Chris and Lara manage to reach the exit before it closes and escape from both monsters, landing in a surrounding ocean. Once outside, Chris rescues Lara, then swims to a nearby desert island. As Chris harmlessly interacts with a ladybug native to the island, Lara is finally convinced that Chris is not her real enemy and gradually starts warming up to him.

In "Seeing the Light", Chris enlists the help of a sea serpent so he and Lara can return to the mainland. Once ashore, Chris thanks the serpent for its assistance, then parts ways with Lara. That night, however, following a brief hallucination from Chris' campfire, Lara appears before him, demanding the truth about Ernie. Chris tells her she already knows the truth, but ultimately relents due to her persistence, agreeing to show her more in the morning. Before they sleep, Lara asks if Ernie created the stars, and Chris responds by telling her his mother's story of how the Sun and Moon formed the heavens. The next morning, Chris shows Lara solid evidence of Ernie's atrocities, starting with the destroyed remnants of an entire forest, with only a single tree remaining as a reminder of the Sith Lord's might. After stealing fresh clothes from local vendors in a nearby city, Chris shows Lara how the Chicken Empire provides asylum to intergalactic criminals, allowing them to ravage peaceful communities at their leisure. In another ruined city, finally seeing the truth, Lara resolves to help end Ernie's tyranny. However, Chris disagrees, stating that he has fought Ernie for 100 years, claiming there is no way of stopping him, and thus, no hope. Suddenly, they find an injured blue humanoid in the rubble, who explains that all their children were captured and taken to a nearby factory. Chris and Lara agree to help and infiltrate the facility. Discovering that the children are being mind-controlled by a high-pitched frequency, Chris keeps them occupied while Lara searches for the source of the noise. Despite having his clothing torn to pieces and nearly being overwhelmed, Chris buys Lara enough time to kill the factory's owner and destroy the control panel, freeing the children. Unfortunately, as the children's mind-controlling implants short-circuit and they fall unconscious. Chris cries out in pain, believing them to be dead. At that moment, the mysterious Jedi rider appears before Chris, telling him it is time. Depressed from his perceived failure, Chris agrees, and accompanies him out of the factory.

By the time Lara finds Chris in "Hope", he is meditating in the middle of a cemetery, surrounded by the ghosts of other Jedi and about to commit an ancient Jedi suicide with help from the mysterious Jedi. Lara arrives at the cemetery alongside Joe Swanson, Cleveland Brown, Quagmire and the Mane 5, stopping Chris form committing suicide. After Lara reminds him there is always hope and informs him that the children they saved are alive, Chris finally overcomes his depression and intervenes before the Omen can finish Lara and co., killing the apparition with the sword meant for his own disembowelment. Afterwards, Chris thanks the group for their help, and greets his friends, stating it had been years since he saw them. Chris notices Joe is now a ghost and Joe replies that he tried to fight Ernie but failed, but was also able to return as a ghost with magic. He also complimenting Lara's hair and new dress, and resolves to find his father's lightsaber.

Finding his Lightsaber

You have blinded us, but now I can see.
~ Chris vanquishing his inner demons and achieving inner peace.

In "The Return of The Jedi", Chris and the gang return to a mountain where Chris lost his sword on the back of a large bird. After exploring the pit, but finding no trace of his lightsaber, Chris comes to the conclusion that after spilling innocent blood, the lightsaber abandoned him, not the other way around. The gang decide to stay behind while Chris sets off into the cave to find his lightsaber. On the way through the cave, Chris dodges many traps where he eventually finds a Jedi ghost who invites him inside for tea. Unbeknownst to Chris, halfway across the galaxy, Sideshow Bob, who survived his duel with Chris, had informed Ernie that Chris lost his lightsaber. Back with Chris, he prepares a cup of tea as best he can, but after tasting it, the monk informs him that the tea (and Chris) is missing something: Balance. As a consequence, Chris' path to finding the lightsaber remains blocked. Confused by the revelation, Chris begs the monk to show him the way, but the monk simply tells Chris he must do so on his own. Unhappy with the result, Chris' self-hallucination appears one more time, angrily claiming the monk knows the location of the lightsaber and is hiding it from them. Instead, Chris states he already knows where the sword is, opening his eyes to the truth and dispelling his past self forever. The monk declares that Chris has found balance, and soon enough, Chris finds himself facing the Jedi deities. Like his father before him, they deem Chris worthy of the sword, returning the weapon and restoring Chris to his original appearance.  Once back on the physical plane, Chris exits the cave and finds Lara and the others. She compliments him for his new appearance and for getting the lightsaber back, while he remarks on thier recent battle. With his lightsaber back at his side and confidence restored, Chris informs the team it's time to confront Ernie once and for all.

Saving the Mususkasns and getting injured

In "From Bad to Worse", Chris and the gang stop to rest in a city in the desert. While eating lunch, Chris offers Lara some food from a local vendor, but she politely declines after it temporarily turns his head into that of a Wookie. Soon, Chris and his allies board a tourist hovercraft for transport across the desert. Chris starts to have a conversation with Joe, as he is aware of Chris' feelings toward Lara, as Chris sees her as the daughter he never had. He simply tells Chris to not get too close, as their enemies will target the ones he loves. However, they seen realize they are surrounded by several green anthropomorphic Sullestians. One approaches Chris and shows him a tablet that shows that Chris is wanted for 4 "guguplex" (an alien currency), and that everyone aboard the hovercraft is a bounty hunter. Chris and his friends fight their way out the hovercraft. After much fighting, the team agrees it's time to leave, continue their journey on foot.

Eventually stopping at an oasis for water, Chris makes new straw hats for himself and Lara while strengthening their relationship. Continuing on, Rainbow Dash tells the team that she discovered something and they should go see. Chris approaches the location and discovers starships belonging to the Chicken Empire hovering over the land and dropping off fleets of Clone Equines. He also sees an elderly couple being threatened by a gang of Clone Equines. Chris swoops down and fights off the Clones, saving the couple. They state that they are members of the Mususkasn race who escaped from a life of hard labor, revealing his race had been interrogated and enslaved. Chris decides that he will help them before continuing on his journey. The couple bring him and his gang to their home where Chris finds the couple had not lied, as their entire race was forced to build statues in Ernie's likeness and lead search parties to find Chris, but also discovers that Sideshow Bob is the one who enslaved them. The male Mususkasn also claims that their race are strong and powerful warriors, but the Chicken Empire locked them in electric chains that stilted their power. Chris and the gang begin planning their mission to free the aliens and stop Sideshow Bob from hurting them any longer.

That night, Quagmire and Cleveland disguise themselves as Clones and infiltrate their ranks. There, they ask Sideshow Bob where the key to the chains are, where he replies that their location is top secret. However, Chris, using Force Sense, tells the two the keys are actually on Sideshow Bob's belt. On the other side of the area, Rarity, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash and Applejack fight off Clone Equines who were surveying the area. Once Sideshow Bob fell asleep, Cleveland and Quagmire stealthly grab his keys and release to Mususkasns from their chains. However, the aliens reveal that it was all a trap and take off their disguises to reveal they were Clone Equines the entire time. Chris and the gang are then chased through the woods as the Clone Equines begin capturing his friends up until Chris and Lara are the only ones left.

The duo run inside a rundown building, with Sideshow Bob and his troops in hot pursuit. The two waste no time fleeing the building, killing several Clone Equines in the process. They make it to the lower levels until Sideshow Bob appears and stabs Chris with a darksaber, mortally wounding him. Sideshow Bob then dodges Lara's attacks and gracefully jumps out a nearby window. Lara frantically kneels beside Chris, unsure of what to do. Chris realizes the darksaber had traces of Narco in it, a mineral that drains force-sensitives of their force abilities, thus rendering Chris unable to heal himself. Chris picks up his lightsaber and he and Lara move to basement of the building. The two fight and kill many Clone Equines who begin entering the building, as well as narrowly avoiding the bombs and gas grenades the Clones throw at them.

Chris is up but his kidney is punctured, causing him to lose a great amount of blood. Lara checks the basement as Chris limps behind her, insisting he doesn't need her assistance. They climb down a small hole, Chris falling to the ground only for Lara to pull him up and them to continue walking in the sewers. Chris stumbles, almost falling, on the way out. Lara once more tries to help but he pushes her off, causing her to shout that he's "not okay". They proceed through to he center of the sewers, Chris' body giving in as he falls to the ground, giving Lara his lightsaber to defend them from incoming Clone Equines. Lara manages to kill them, forcing Chris to his feet once more but this time, he allows her to assist him. They make it on the other side, and crawl out of a manhole in the ground, just before the empire begins carpet-bombing the building Lara and Chris were in. The two continue into the woods. Once a safe distance away, Lara remarks that they are safe, only for Chris to lose consciousness, falling to the ground in a pool of blood. Lara tries to pick him up but can't, begging him to tell her what to do.

Saving his Friends 

WHERE ARE THEY?! Wherever they are, you're going to tell me!
~ Chris looking for his friends while fighting through Clone Equines

In the episode "Winter", a few weeks have passed, and Chris is unconscious and feverish due to wound sepsis. Lara has been doing her best to keep him alive and recover while they hid from the Chicken Empire within a cave. She returns on day with a bottle of penicillin she obtained from a wreckage, but he is still weak and can't move.

The next morning, Lara looks out the cave to find Sideshow Bob's men trying to find them. Fleeing the area by Dewback to protect Chris, she is eventually captured by them; Chris is left alone but isn't found by the group.

Chris awakens, startled. The medicine brings him back to his feet and he notices the Narcon has lost it's effect, which causes him to begin healing himself using the Force. He is surprised to find Lara missing. Upon leaving the hideout, he encounters the Clone Equines who seem to know her whereabouts. He chases after them, killing all but two. He tortures and interrogates them to learn of Lara and the other's location. Chris fears for thier safety, enacting revenge upon the pair, brutally beating one to death and ruthlessly breaking the others' neck in cold blood.

Chris arrives in the Clone's settlement and discovers, to his horror, that they enslaved his pony friends, spotting Fluttershy struggling to push a barrel of coal while in the bitter cold. Chris attacks the base, slaughtering every single Clone Equine that tries to stop him, as well as pulling down an entire starship to the area, wiping out more Clone Equines. Chris also spots Sideshow Bob attempting to flee in a shuttle, using the force the knock the shuttle off-course with a wave of his hand, sending it crashing into a mountain. After freeing his friends, he eventually finds Lara, who had managed to escape and fight off Sideshow Bob, resulting in him trying to escape. He pulls her into his arms in a moral embrace. Lara comments that no one has ever hugged her like he did as the two continued their embrace.

Trip to Bespin and being hunted

In "Hunted", Chris and his friends had boarded a ship headed to the Cloud City of Bespin in order to take a brief break on their quest after the intense fight with Sideshow Bob. Chris was disguised in a top hat and tuxedo bought from a nearby merchant to avoid being spotted. Chris attempted to get Lara's opinion on his outfit, but Lara was not responding traumatized by experience with Sideshow Bob as well as learning that Chris was right about Ernie, the being who Lara saw as a god her whole life, being pure evil.

Eventually Chris and his team reach Cloud City, their intended final destination. Chris tells the team to explore the city and rendezvous near the administrator's palace in two hours. While exploring the city with Lara, Chris tries to fill the silence in order to cheer up an estranged Lara. Lara then lights up when she sees a hoard of giraffes. Chris and Lara sit in silence as they view the giraffes walk off into the distance.

Chris and the team meet up at the administrator's palace as planned. The team being to plot out the journey to the Death Star until they see an entire army of Clone Equines land. Chris discovers that Clone Equines have been sent to different planets across the galaxy in search of him. Chris tells the team to split up, taking Lara, Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash with him.

While sneaking through the Carbonite Freezing Chambers, Chris senses his old nemesis, Darth Griffin in the area and tells Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy to take Lara and run, not wanting her to get harmed by the Sith Lord. After they follow through with Chris' orders, Chris makes his way to the main freezing chamber, where Darth Griffin himself awaits him, the two rivals facing each other for the first time in years. Chris called out Darth Griffin for betraying the Jedi, siding with Ernie and eventually becoming a mere puppet to the emperor. Darth Griffin only lamented on his betrayal of the Jedi, stating that his treachery still haunts his memory. Chris and Darth Griffin ready their blades to duel for the first time in decades. Darth Griffin says it felt like old times, hunting down Chris, he also states he knew Chris would regain his lightsaber. In a last-ditch effort to bring the Sith to the light side, Chris recalls the night Sunset and Chris first kissed, reminding Darth Griffin of the girl he once loved. They both agree that it was a good memory, "from another lifetime." Chris sorrowfully states, "I miss the people we were then." Darth Griffin agrees with Chris before shocking him with a burst of Force Lightning, driving in the fact that Darth Griffin is indeed irredeemable. Chris blocks the Force Lightning with his lightsaber and engages the Sith Lord in battle. During the intense duel, Chris' team returns to assist Chris, firing at Darth Griffin with everything they have. Darth Griffin dodges every attack before a team of bounty hunters consisting of Death Blow, Da-Bomb!, Gentle Jim and Bossk, come to aide the Sith Lord. During the fight, Chris becomes distracted while fighting hoards of Clone Equines and notices Darth Griffin escaping in a ship with the bounty hunters and a kidnapped Lara. Distraught, Chris and the team escape Bespin on a stolen X-Wing. Cleveland asks Chris where he is taking them and Chris declares he is flying to Kamino to have one final duel with Darth Griffin.

Final Battle with Darth Griffin

For you to actually cry... For you to beg me for my help... I can only imagine how hard that must have been for you to do. I get it now. It wasn't losing the Jedi and our family that made you so angry. At least not entirely. You were mad because he forced you to be his puppet. You couldn't stand losing your pride. I may have hated you when you were alive, but I always respected your pride. And now it's time for me to share that pride. Pride in myself.
~ Chris while burying Darth Griffin.

In "The Last Duel", Chris arrives on Kamino where Darth Griffin is holding Lara hostage. He tells the rest of the gang to stay behind, not wanting them to be killed by Darth Griffin. Chris enters to cloning facility and walks through the halls, seeing the process of how clones are created. He starts to suffer more hallucinations but quickly discovers they are merely Darth Griffin's tricks and he carries on. He finally reached Darth Griffin's quarters where the Dark Lord is awaiting Chris. He tries to sway Chris to the Dark Side, but Chris refuses. Darth Griffin then states that if he won't join him, then Lara will. This causes Chris to ignite his lightsaber and attack Darth Griffin. The two engage in a long duel that goes throughout almost all of the cloning facility before stopping back in Darth Griffin's quarters. Chris demands to know where Lara is, and Darth Griffin moves to the side revealing her. He begins to Force Choke her and demands that Chris bow before him or he will kill her. Seeing no other way, Chris drops his lightsaber surrenders without a fight. Darth Griffin releases Lara and tells Chris to find and kill the Mane 5, give himself to the Dark Side, and join the Chicken Empire's efforts in destroying the rebel groups across the galaxy, or else he will kill Lara. At that moment, Lara grabs Chris' lightsaber and attempts to kill Darth Griffin, but Darth Griffin disarms her and Force pushes her out of the window to her apparent death. An enraged Chris grabs his lightsaber and continues his duel with Darth Griffin. Chris then uses Force Fury to amplify his abilities, somewhat overpowering Darth Griffin. Chris then uses telekinesis to manipulate the very sky and attacks Darth Griffin with a seemingly never-ending torrent of Force Lightning. Chris then prepares to strike Darth Griffin down, but Joe and his friends arrive and demand that Chris not kill the Sith Lord, but bring him to a rebel base for interrogation. Chris accepts their offer and then tends to Lara. However, at that moment, Darth Griffin got back up and attacked Chris and his friends, causing Chris to impale his future self with his lightsaber. Griffin dies slowly, telling Chris that he needs to embrace the Dark Side against Ernie in order to achieve victory, yet Chris tells him he could never stoop so low as to become as heartless as him and Ernie. Then, in order to fill him with rage and to tell him about the Jedi, he begins pouring his heart and his past out to Chris, this with tears rushing down the dying Sith Lord's face. Griffin continues on, begging Chris to defeat Ernie for the pride of the Jedi race before finally succumbing to his wound and dying. Chris in honor prepares a grave, realizing that although Darth Griffin did care about the Jedi being destroyed, he was more upset that Ernie had used him as a puppet for all of his life, and no matter what he did to try and stop Ernie he could do nothing, nearly destroying his own pride. Afterwards, Chris returns to his allies and claims it is time to continue thier mission to finally defeat Ernie.</p>

2nd Battle with Poultrion

After flying through space, the team lands on the planet of Naboo where they decide to rest for the time bring. After hunting for some deer with Joe and Quagmire, Chris brings the deer to the camping site where the team is located. After cooking the deer, the team decides to enjoy their dinner before bed. After everyone is asleep inside their tents, Chris decides to sit alone at the fire, reflecting on his duel with Darth Griffin and the rage that consumed him. However, Lara appears before him and sits near the fire with him. Lara asks Chris if he ever thinks about his home, and Chris answers that he does so all the time, opening up to her with the memories of his home throughout the seasons. When Chris asks if there was a girl in his life, Chris reveals to her there was, Sunset Shimmer. While Chris admits the time before Ernie was nice, the memories of his home are the only way he will ever see it again.

Before dawn, Chris leaves without the team and returns to the legendary Land of the Dead, the home of Poultrion, Ernie's pet dragon and the keeper of the final time portal. As he wanders around, the now mountain sized Poultrion finally steps out of a huge layer of smoke and roars furiously. Remembering that Poultrion has defeated Chris before, Chris remains weary and draws his lightsaber. Poultrion attempts to kill the Jedi. Chris dodges a charging attack from Poultrion and lands on the dragon's ginormous arm, he goes unnoticed by the dragon until he scales his arm and destroys a massive pimple that was blocking his way. Poultrion makes several more attempts to flatten Chris with his hand, only to have one of his fingernails dislodged, causing great pain to the dragon. In a fit of rage Poultrion then breaths fire on his arm which Chris again dodges, landing on Poultrion's side. Chris continues scaling Poultrion before Poultrion signals a few dragons to aide him in fighting Chris. Chris kills a few of them until one grabs Chris by the shirt, aggressively throwing him off Poultrion and crashing to the ground. Poultrion spots the Jedi and flies to the ground at amazing speeds, attempting to crush Chris with his palm. Chris survives, however, by plunging his lightsaber into one of Poultrion's palms and teleporting to Poultrion's shoulder joint. However, a dragon once again grabs Chris and drops him into Poultrion's mouth. Poultrion then flew back to his resting ground, believing he has won. However, Chris escaped from the dragon's stomach by using his lightsaber to cut his way out, spilling the dragon's entrails in the process. Poultrion then roars in utter agony, still flying in the air. Chris then makes his way to Poultrion's belt, dislodging the nail and driving it into Poultrion's chin. Chris then finishes off the dragon by stabbing him in the head with a lightsaber. Afterwards, Chris expressed sorrow for killing the dragon, as Poultrion did not act out of malicious intent, but was merely brainwashed and hypnotized by Ernie, leaving him as merely another victim of Ernie's tyranny. He commented that he killed him out of mercy and hoped Poultrion would no longer suffer in life and be free from his misery in the afterlife.

Chris stood in silence, finally realizing that his chance to return to the past was just a climb away. However, Lara and the team showed up, having heard Poultrion's roar from a mile away. They also see the time portal and celebrate, as Chris is finally able to complete his 50 year quest. However, Chris explains that, in addition to witnessing the suffering of many innocent people, Ernie has taken everything from him, leaving him with nothing but memories, and doesn't want the same to happen to them, especially his now surrogate daughter Lara. Instead, Lara assures him that if he kills Ernie in the past, she, as well as the entire galaxy, will all live much happier lives. Sure enough, Ernie himself appears before them, accompanied by Sideshow Bob, the Cult Leader, and the bounty hunters. Ernie claims he is aware that Chris lost his lightsaber, having learned the information from Sideshow Bob. When Chris reveals the opposite, Ernie scolds Sideshow Bob in frustration, but decides not to kill him, as he had come prepared just in case. Ernie then revealed to the team that there is "more Ernie" besides him. Chris is confused by this until Ernie then reveals he personally visited the members of the Cult of Ernie, providing them with some of his semen. Chris then has a Force Vision the Cult Leader drinking his semen shortly after and gave birth to the Daughters of Ernie, making Lara his biological daughter. When Chris attacks him once again, Ernie simply uses his essence inside Lara to control her body like a puppet, forcing her to fight against Chris. The team attempts to assist Chris, but the bounty hunters fight them off and Ernie teleports them to the ice planet of Hoth. Chris pleads with her to resist, but she is unable to do so, assuring her she is nothing like her father or mother. Unhappy with this, Ernie throws Poultrion's corpse on top of them and tells Lara she needs to "bring out her best" (i.e., himself), corrupting her with an upgraded version of her old outfit. Initially outclassed by her new agility and reflexes, Chris manages to cut her arm, briefly getting through to her. Lara begs Chris to kill her and stop Ernie, but he can't bring himself to do so and stands down. Before Lara can finish Chris, Ernie orders his daughter to stop, joyfully claiming the Jedi's lightsaber as Chris kneels in defeat.

Saving Lara

After being taken prisoner by Ernie and his forces and taken to the Death Star, Ernie announces to the entire galaxy that he has captured Chris, taken his lightsaber, and plans to execute him on live television. However, Ernie becomes unsure on how to actually kill his life-long nemesis and temproailry calls off to execution until he can make a proper decision. During this time however, Chris' allies, having seen Ernie's broadcast, meet up in a remote jungle to stage of plan to save the Jedi from Ernie's clutches.

As Chris awaits his fate in the Death Star, he pleads with Lara to resist her father's influence, but his pleas are quickly silenced by Lara's mother. Finally, after a period of indecision, Ernie decided it is Lara who should be the one to finally kill Chris. Fortunately, before she can kill him, Chris' allies arrive to save him, launching an all-out assault on the Death Star. Seizing the opportunity, Chris breaks free and makes a run for his lightsaber, only to be stopped by Lara. Although she tried to kill him numerous times, Chris still refused to fight Lara, however, and dropped his lightsaber, allowing Lara to secure an easy victory over him. Lara began to savagely beat Chris. Before she could deal the final blow, Chris promised Lara he would be with her "till the end of the line"; a promise Lara gave him as she and Chris watched the giraffes on Bespin. This caused Lara to realize what he was doing to his long-time friend, causing her to finally breaks free of Ernie's control. Lara of then confronts Ernie and declares that he is not her father. Ernie, enraged, tries to kill Lara with his lightsaber but Lara uses the force to pull Ernie's darksaber from his cloak and counters his attack. Although surprised, Ernie engaged Lara in a lightsaber duel that ended quickly when Ernie pierced Lara's stomach with his lightsaber. As she fell over in agony, Ernie mocked her for thinking she could stand against him in a one-on-one duel. Ernie expresses shame on himself for considering someone weaker than him his daughter as he started to electrocute her with Force Lightning. Meanwhile, Joe and the rebels hear Lara's screams of pain and rush to her aide, a squadron of rebels at their side.

Ernie continued to unleash Force lightning upon Lara as she begged the injured Chris to help her. Ernie then proceeded to torment Lara, remarking that her feeble skills were no match for the power of the dark side, and that Lara was weak and a fool. He continued his torture on her, laughing at the pain and agony of his own daughter. As Chris began healing himself, Ernie used the Force to slam Chris into wall, ground and ceiling before throwing him next to Lara. Ernie proceeded to lift them both up in the air in a Force Choke, mocking them for their failure to best him. Ernie mocked Lara for following Chris' path, as he brought both himself and her to die a horrible and painful death. However, Ernie's gloating was cut short when the rebels burst through his throne room door and fired a hail of blaster bolts at him. Ernie stopped the bolts mid-air and sent them back at the opposing forces. Chris then used Force Repulse to break himself and Lara free of Ernie's telekinesis. Ernie was sent flying into his chair as Chris grabbed his lightsaber and stood with the rebels, Lara by his side. Ernie got back up and cackled, swearing that his guards would make the rebels pay for harming them. As the Cult Leader, the assassins, and Sideshow Bob stood alongside Ernie, he then pressed a button on his chair, as hoards of his royal guards entered the room. Ernie then exited the room as the rebels and his forces clashed. Chris told Lara to stay with the rebels while he went to finally face Ernie once and for all.

Inside the Death Star's hanger bay, Ernie planned on escaping from the Death Star on his personal hover craft, but Chris crushed it using his force powers. Ernie tried to reason with Chris in a cowardly attempt to save his own life, but Chris stated that even by Jedi standards, Ernie doesn't deserve to live. Ernie, realizing Chris isn't willing to let him go, unleashed a torrent of Force Lightning on Chris, the Jedi just barely able to deflect it. Ernie then deployed his lightsaber and engaged his mortal enemy in the ultimate final showdown of good versus evil.

Final Battle with Ernie/Returning to the past

Ernie and Chris fought intensely, Ernie using both force and lightsaber attacks in an attempt to overwhelm the Jedi and vice versa. Ernie managed to cut Chris across the chest with his sharp claws and kick him into a wall before unleashing Force Lightning on the Jedi. Using his willpower, Chris fought back against the lightning, using Tutaminus to absorb the lightning and redirect it back at Ernie, sending the Sith Lord flying into a wall as well. The two leaped back towards each other and clashed lightsabers again as the duel continued. As the two were at a stand-still Lara (who had killed the Cult Leader as well as Sideshow Bob while Chris and Ernie fought) arrived at Chris' side, determined to help Chris in his efforts to defeat Ernie. Although reluctant, Chris gave Lara his electro-staff as the two stared at Ernie. Ernie then smiled and pulled out his second lightsaber, lunging forward and attacking them. The two dueled Ernie in a vicious battle, countering Ernie's attacks with difficulty while attempting to overpower him. At one point, Chris used the force to repeatedly slam Ernie into the ground and electrocuted him with Electric Judgement. Ernie, however, recovered from the assault and Force pushed Chris into a wall. As the two laid exhausted, the rebels burst through the blast doors and fought against Ernie, attempting to buy Chris and Lara more time. When fighting the rebels, Ernie mortally injured Quagmire right in front of Chris. Enraged and fed up with Ernie taking away everything he loves, Chris rushed at Ernie, filled with righteous fury, and engaged the Sith Lord once more. After a struggle, Chris was able to cut Ernie across the chest, severely injuring him. Chris then continued viciously striking Ernie's lightsaber until Ernie was disarmed. Ad Chris had finally seen his chance had arrived and leaped into the air, Ernie could only watch as Chris delivered the final blow to Ernie, killing him once and for all. As Ernie's corpse hit the floor, his body imploded into a mass of pure dark energy as his corpse faded from sight.

Chris then ran to Quagmire's side and attempted to heal his friends wounds, only to find the his all his Force Powers were exhausted in the fight against Ernie. Chris began crying, stating that if he could've chosen anyone to fight beside, it would have been Quagmire. In his final moments, Quagmire said his last words; "I am glad to be with you, Chris Griffin. Here at the end of Ernie." Afterwards, Quagmire died peacefully, happy to have seen the end of Ernie's tyranny.

After a period of silence, Chris remembered that Ernie had learned the ability to create to time portals on behalf of Darth Henebrous. Chris told Lara that because she was kin to Ernie, she had the ability to create time portals as well, as she had inherited Ernie's abilities. Chris hesitates as he if he chooses to return to the past he will never remember the allies who fought beside him. Joe reminds Chris that if he returns to the past to kill Ernie, not only will the Jedi Order continue to live on, but Joe, along with everyone Chris had met on his quest will live much better lives than they did under Ernie's rule. After that, Lara summons a time portal and sends both herself and Chris back to the past. As the two decended down the portal, Chris smiled happily, as he realized that after 100 years of suffering, his pain and suffering had finally come to an end.

Chris and Lara then arrive out of the time portal, a few seconds after, to Ernie's surprise. Chris then starts slashing Ernie with his lightsaber, cutting off the villain's limbs to ensure Ernie could not escape. Deperate, Ernie attempted to crawl out of the temple until Chris leaped in the air, preparing to deliver the killing blow. After years of narrow avoiding death at the hands of the Jedi, Ernie finally realized his days were numbered and bellowed out one last chicken scream. At long last, Chris plunged his lightsaber into Ernie's chest finally killing the villain once for all. Shortly after, Ernie's body exploded in a mass of pure dark energy, Chris and Lara just barely escaping the explosion.

Afterwards, Chris finally declared that because of Ernie's death Chris' would never had become Darth Griffin, Chris' friends and family would have never been killed/enslaved, and the galaxy would be free from the Chicken Empire, as well as the Jedi Order would have never fallen. At that moment, Lara collapsed to the ground in pain. She explains that due to Ernie's death in the past, she will have never have come into existence in the first place, before fading away. Chris fell to his knees in pain, mouring his surrogate daughters passing.

Marrying Sunset Shimmer/Ending to Chris' journey

A few hours later, Chris returned to Sunset, having not seen her since his long journey. Overcome with emotion, Chris embraced her and Sunrise in a tearful hug. A week later, the two were to be married.

A few months later, Jedi warriors from across the galaxy came to celebrate Ernie's death and Chris and Sunset's wedding. With Joe and the others as his best men, Chris walked down the alter, his bride awaiting him. After saying their vows, the two are finally declared a husband and wife and embraced in a kiss, the mass of people applauding the newly weds.

A day later, Chris visited a forest, still depressed over Lara's passing. As he sits near a tree, Death appears out of a portal, congratulating Chris on achiveing his goals. Death then reveals that he had been watching Chris' journey the entire time within his home. Death express his sorrow for Chris and decides that Chris will be rewarded for his suffering. Death then revives Lara, who seems to look to remember little about her passing. Overjoyed, Chris embraces Lara as Death leaves the area. Still confused, Lara asks Chris where they are, to which Chris simply responds ""Home." Reminded that the future will be bright now that Ernie has been destroyed, Lara smiles and accepts her new home in the bright future. Their hope renewed, Chris and Lara happily watch the sun shine over the land, thus putting an end to Chris' life changing journey.


  • Peter Griffin: Chris' bond with his father is very strong. Chris had relied on his father's advice throughout most his life and looked to his father as his role model. When Chris turned to the Dark Side, Peter went into a depression, heartbroken by the path his son chose. After finding his dying father years into the future, Chris and Peter came to peace with each other as Chris promised to prevent the fall of the Jedi.
  • Lois Griffin: Their relationship is not explored on that much, but it is implied to be a very strong bond. When Chris was nervous about his mission to protect Sunset Shimmer, Lois had told Chris she would eventually grow to like him.
  • Brian Griffin: Chris and Brian were frequent partners during the Age of the Jedi. The two went on many missions together and enjoyed each others' company. Much like Peter, Brian was heartbroken by Chris' fall to the Dark Side.
  • Sunset Shimmer: Chris first met Sunset as children. The two were never too close to each other however, but Sunset enjoyed Chris' company. Chris in return grew a crush on the young girl. Years later, as an adult, Chris' crush on Sunset turned into love, when he was assigned to protect her from an unknown bounty Hunter (Rouge) on Naboo. When he confessed his romantic feelings for her, Sunset seemingly turned him down, however, in truth, Sunset also had romantic feelings for Chris, as she had fell in love with him during the time they spent together on Naboo. However, when they were captured by King Sombra and Nightmare Moon, believing they were going to die, Sunset confessed her romantic feelings for Chris; after this they could not deny their romantic feelings for each other, so they spent much time with each other. They had a very good romantic relationship. However, Chris and Sunset's relationship was sometimes strained do to him being away from long periods as he was a general within the ranks of the Grand Army of the Republic, fighting in the Clone Equine Wars. After Chris turned to the Dark Side, Sunset was utterly heartbroken, to the point where she almost never spoke afterwards. However, Chris was able to go to the past and destroy Ernie, thus stopping his turn to the Dark Side from ever happening. After this, Sunset and Chris got married to each other and lived a happier life with each other.

  • Joe Swanson: While Chris has made many allies, Joe seems to be the closest one. Joe serves as a foil to Chris since unlike Chris who is quiet and humble Joe is loud and boisterous and foul mouthed. The two first met on a bridge and their stubbornness and Joe mistook Chris for Darth Griffin, leading to the two fighting, where they proved to be equally matched. The two were soon chased by bounty hunters and after Chris revealed how he ended in the future, developed a good friendship as fellow warriors against the hateful Ernie. Chris would later be sought out by Joe to help save the Mane 5, with the Joe soon repaying his kind act by saving Chris when he was delusional and lost his memories after fighting some sirens. Overall, the two are great friends and warriors who respect each others' skills and balance off of each other very well due to their differing personalities, and are willing to risk the life for the other.
  • Lara: Lara was trained by her mother to believe Ernie was the creator of nature and beauty and that Chris was pure evil that tainted Ernie's world and should be destroyed. She and her six sisters attempted but failed to kill him and one by one were killed until only Lara was left. When the two are swallowed by a beast, he tries to reason with her that he is not the evil one and that everything she has said was a lie. While she refuses to at first and even still tries to kill him, he still saves her life various times. Eventually, upon seeing Chris' kind and humble appreciation of even the simplest forms of life, she begins to question herself if Chris is truly evil. She demands he show her the truth and he eventually reveals to her examples of Ernie's true evil. Disgusted, she slowly accepts this and even helps Chris liberate a group of child aliens from being used as weapons by Ernie. When Chris believes he has failed to save them, he leaves with the Jedi warrior while Lara goes on a journey to find Chris, no longer desiring to kill him. On her journey, she meets many people including (but possibly not limited to) the Mane 5, Joe and his friends, the Rave, and Da Jedi, each of whom tell her their stories of how Chris has rescued them she finally manages to let go of her past and of her indoctrinated belief that she must kill Chris. She even manages to save him from the Jedi by reminding him that people still need them and what a profound effect he has had on the lives of the people whose lives he saved, including hers. When he goes off to meditate, she reluctantly stays behind. She also manages to kill off an entire Clone army with the assistance of the Mane 5 and Joe and his pals, and even disobeyed her own mother who attempted to kill Chris in his moment of vulnerability. When Chris is wounded and on the verge of death, Lara tends his wound during the stages of winter, becoming the protector he was to her. Though their bond remains strong for Chris though he notices that Lara is distant, likely due to the incident with Sideshow Bob and her revitalization Ernie was truly evil, signifying that she is no longer as close as he is. When the two went to Bespin, Chris showed Lara the wonders of life, showing her how to ice skate and taking her to see the migration of the giraffes. At this point, he sees Lara as a surrogate daughter as he would now do anything to save her and keep her safe, Chris is willingly to take anyone's life in order to keep Lara with him. Chris even states that if Sunset Shimmer were still around they would have been good friends and liked each other. Overall, the two currently had an unbreakable strong relationship based on mutual respect, trust, affection and loyalty. Lara and Chris have saved each other physically (one saving the other in numerous occasions) and emotionally; Chris' attempts to help her see the truth enlightened her and allowed her to move beyond her warped upbringing while Lara managed to help Chris overcome his guilt and anger to become the man he once was. Tragically towards the end of the penultimate episode, Lara is revealed to be Ernie's biological daughter and is manipulated into attempting to kill Chris by Ernie. Chris slices a part of her suit and she then begs him to kill her, Chris holds his lightsaber ready to put Lara down and kill Ernie. However, he realizes he loves Lara too much and can't bring himself to kill his surrogate daughter after all they been through, he surrenders and drops his weapon. With Ernie taking it; showing that Chris is willing to sacrifice himself and die for Lara to be alive. After Lara regains control of herself and escorts Chris back to his original time, Chris finally defeats Ernie once and for all, restoring peace to the land alongside his newfound love. Unfortunately, immediately afterwards Lara collapses and states that without Ernie's presence, her existence cannot maintain itself, fading away into thin air shortly afterwards in Chris' arms and leaving Chris in anguish. However, Death, seeing all the pain Chris had gone through, restored Lara to existence, bring her back into Chris' life. The two then embraced under a tree, happy to live their new life together.
  • The Mane 5: Chris and the Mane 5 shared a strong bond with each other. On Chris'

mission to rescue them from slavery, they started out hostile toward Chris, believing him to be Darth Griffin. However, they eventually realized he was there to save them and they broke out of prison together, becoming great allies to Chris and occasionally meeting him along their adventures.

  • The White Wolf: Chris meets the white wolf while he is recuperating from his injuries. The white wolf recognizes Chris as a fellow warrior and helps him heal by gifting him with half of the chicken he hunted for food, licking his wounds, and snuggling near Chris at night while they sleep so Chris doesn't freeze. Though the two part ways shortly thereafter, it is evident the two developed a deep respect for each other along with a strong friendship. Interestingly enough, the Wolf is implied to be an metaphor for Chris, both being lone warriors fighting against tougher opponents against a harsh land.
  • BB-8: BB-8 was Chris' droid during the Clone Equine War and frequently aided him on many missions alongside Brian. Even though he was unable to speak properly, BB-8 expressed sadness when Chris fell to the Dark Side. When Chris found BB-8 destroyed in a scrap heap, he closed his eyes in utter sadness that his droid had fallen into the Chicken Empire's clutches. When Chris returned to the past and killed Ernie, undoing BB-8's death and Chris' fall to the Dark Side, BB-8 was present at Chris and Sunset Shimmer's wedding, beeping happily at Chris' happiness.
  • Princess Celestia: Celestia considered Chris a great ally and powerful Jedi and in turn, Chris treated Celestia with respect and humbleness. After Chris returned from a battle in a mission to rescue Celestia's surrogate son, Barret Barricade, Celestia was very thankful for Chris and said she was owed him a great debt. When Sunset Shimmer informed Chris that Celestia was pregnant, Chris was happy about the information, but when he saw a vision of Celestia dying in childbirth, he became concerned for both her and the unborn child, desperate to find a way to prevent both Celestia and the child from dying. This fear was ultimately one of the main reasons that led to his fall to the Dark side.

  • Ernie the Giant Chicken: As the murderer of many of Chris' friends and family, the one who destroyed the Jedi order, and conquerer of the galaxy, Chris makes it his life's mission to put an end to the Sith Lord in his father's stead. He was trained since birth to fight against beings like Ernie and was nearly successful in destroying Ernie and would have had he not ran out of time and been sent to the future. This did not stop Chris against his quest to fight Ernie though he also made it his mission to return to the present so Ernie's evil would never spread to the future. A running gag that Ernie himself points out is that every time Chris comes close to killing him, Ernie teleports away while yelling he'll be back. The two see each other as enemies though there is a certain level of begrudging respect on both sides, as Chris understands Ernie is a powerful enemy while Ernie also recognizes Chris as a serious threat. The two are even able to hold small conversations (even at times comical interactions) with each other, like when Ernie challenges Chris to a fight and the two try to one each other up. However, Chris views Ernie with contempt and anger, frustrated at the numerous amount of bounty hunters he sends to face Chris and his cowardice at using tricks to deceive him or to run away when he loses. In turn, Ernie is not above emotionally harming Chris such as when he pretends to be a woman named Ikra to fool Chris into helping him find a time portal so he can destroy it and also harm Chris emotionally. After 100 years, there is still animosity between the two with part of Chris losing his sanity and wondering if he can beat Ernie, though he continues with his journey, while Ernie is truly frightened by the fact Chris can no longer age but has also become more mellow and apathetic to Chris.
  • Sideshow Bob: Chris and Sideshow Bob have proved to be fierce enemies of each other. Chris has foiled many of Sideshow Bob's plans to steal resources from other planets, leading Sideshow Bob to hate Chris. Sideshow Bob sees Chris as a pest on society, as he is a Jedi and therefor, in Sideshow Bob's mind, must be killed. Chris also holds contempt towards Sideshow Bob, as he has tormented many innocents and fights on Ernie's side.
  • Darth Griffin: Chris met his future self during the battle of Hoth and the two would become mortal enemies over their differing viewpoints of freedom and the Force, both aware of the other's true identity as Chris knew Darth Griffin was the Sith Lord Ernie turned him into. Over the years, Darth Griffin grew tired of answering to Ernie and sought to overthrow the emperor with Chris' assistance. The two seem to have mutual respect for each other, as Darth Griffin considers Chris a worthy opponent to match his own power.
  • The Cult Leader: While they have never formally interacted, as the leader of the cult of Ernie and the mother of the Daughters of Ernie, she is one of Chris' greatest enemies. She had raised her daughters for the sole purpose of killing Chris. In The Return of the Jedi she tries to eliminate Chris while he is vulnerable and meditating, but Lara defends him and temporally defeats her, preventing her from harming Jack. When Lara was corrupted by Ernie, The Cult Leader attempted to goad her daughter numerous times into killing Chris.

Powers and Abilities 

  • Force Power: Like his father, Chris possessed an immensely strong connection to the Force. Indeed, Ernie believed that Chris was strong enough in the Force to destroy the Sith. This was mostly due to Chris receiving training from over 200 Jedi Masters across the galaxy. After learning the basics of the Force, he quickly learned how to sense through it, and took the habit of opening himself to the Force in hopes of learning more than the masters had told him, and becoming aware of his surroundings. In time, he would also learn to sense the presence of his evil within beings. He was capable of seeing and hearing those who had become one with the Force. By using the Force during his duels with the likes of King Sombra and Ernie, he managed to defeat both, a feat many across the galaxy though impossible. After obtaining his first lightsaber and dismantling it to know his inner workings, Chris surmised on his own that the Force could be used to manipulate matter in the manner of telekinesis and managed to learn how to move small objects, such as a noodle or a fork. By the time of the Clone Equine Wars, Chris had the ability to pull his lightsaber to his hands. Under Yoda's training, this ability was further developed, enabling him to levitate several objects at once. Chris also uses Jedi mind tricks and can leap several hundred feet in the air using Force Jump. After 100 years of living in Ernie's dystopian future, Chris eventually learned other, much darker, force abilities, such as choking enemies and using Force Lightning. He also demonstrated the ability to have visions several times. Chris also learned how to amplify his body using the force, causing his physical attacks to deal more damage than usual.
    • Telekinesis: Chris was very proficient in Telekinesis, utilizing it usually as an offensive or defensive move, the latter being most prevalent when Chris learned to pull weapons of his enemies hands, disarming them. Chris' telekinesis was so powerful, he could pull entire starships out of the sky. Chris also utilized this move to merely suspend his enemy in the air, holding them completely in place.
    • Force Push: One of Chris' signature moves and one of the first Force abilities he learned. Chris utilized Force push to send his opponents flying through the air, temporarily incapacitating them/knocked them unconscious.
    • Force Pull: Chris utilized Force pull to pull his opponents or objects towards him.
    • Force Choke: Although he rarely uses the frowned upon move, Chris occasionally utilized Force choke to either weaken, kill or intimidate his opponents.
  • Force Fury: When sufficiently angered, Chris enters Force Fury mode, where he becomes surrounded in an electric aura and becomes inhumanly faster, stronger and deadly than he usually is. Chris used Force Fury when he found his life-long friend, Marguerite, tortured and killed by Sith Lords. When he entered Force Fury, Chris slaughtered an entire academy of Sith Lords, from the inexperienced children, to the skilled and powerful Sith Lords. Chris also used this ability to best his future self, Darth Griffin after the latter had supposedly killed Lara.
    • Force Throw: Chris utilized Force Throw to cause objects, and even individuals, to be hurled toward a target at an astounding velocity.
  • Force Heal: Chris utilized Force heal to instantly heal wounds no matter how deadly they may seem.
    • Force Barrier: Chris utilized Force Barrier to create a defensive wall of Force energy to protect himself from enemy attacks.
    • Jedi mind trick: Chris utilized the Jedi mind trick to control the minds of other sentient beings, however, it did not work on individuals who have very strong wills.
    • Force Vision: Chris utilized Force vision, to have visions of the past, the present and the future; Chris frequently suffered Force visions that predicted bad futures ahead of him. These visions eventually proved Chris' downfall as Ernie was able to use Chris' visions to further manipulate him.
    • Force Sense: Chris utilized Force sense to sense another sentient being's emotions, the future, ripples in the Force caused by momentous or traumatic events, impending danger and the presence of the Dark side.
    • Force Lightning: Due to it being a forbidden Dark side ability, Chris rarely used Force Lightning even moreso than Force choke. In fact, Chris has only been seen using the ability twice; Once against his father and Brian, and the second against Darth Griffin.
    • Force Leap: Chris utilized Force leap to jump up to several hundred feet in the air.
    • Force Dash: Chris utilized Force Dash to move at amazing speeds.
    • Tutaminus: Using the Force, Chris used Tutaminus to absorb harmful energy (such as blaster bolts and even lightsabers) into his body in order to make himself even more powerful.
  • Agelessness: Due to a side effect of Death's time-traveling spell, Chris does not physically age, potentially able to live indefinitely. Also, as a result, he has retained his youthful appearance along with his prime health and vitality, despite being in his hundreds, chronologically. However, he is still vulnerable to pain and injuries, and could be killed the same way as any normal human. The inability to age does not apply to his metabolism, either, as he still requires food and rest to live. It is unknown whether or not Chris retained this ability after changing time by finally destroying Aku in the past.
  • Animal Empathy: Chris' pure nature has commonly shown a strong connection to animals of various size and shapes. Often, they grow attached to and in essence become his allies. To which, he is able to keep them tame enough as a means of transportation. His connection with animals even at times allows him to in a manner of speaking communicate with them, able to understand their intentions.
  • Cunning: Chris has demonstrated a high level of understanding and intelligence, proving to be an expert at planning and creating strategies for confrontations, using his surroundings to his advantage, and seeing through Ernie's deception on quite a few occasions. This cunning allows him to easily plan for his opponents and make strategies, both ahead of time and in the heat of the moment.
  • Hunting/Survival Skills: Living among Ernie's regime greatly limits the number of places Chris can visit for a meal even when he has money; thus he tends to live in the wild where he must obtain his own food. As such, he is a proficient hunter, trapper, forager, and cook. He also has basic medical skills, and he tends to patch himself back up after his battles using Force Heal. On one occasion, Chris created a rope trap out of vines for catching a wild boar and would have succeeded if not for the unexpected arrival of the Wookies.
  • Master Archery: Chris has shown to have excellent skills in archery since he was trained by Robin Hood. His archer skill was put to the test in Episode 3 when Chris used this skill to to set off traps against the Clone Equines and later used his last arrows on the Clone Equines which they hit dead on.
  • Master Marksman: Chris has high levels of precision and accuracy with blasters even at a great distance, rarely missing his target. Chris is shown to carry a DL-44 after spending 50 years in the future. He is also skilled in using heavy firearms such as a blaster cannon with a rocket launcher.
  • Master Martial Artist: Chris has shown impressive mastery in many styles of martial arts; some of which include the Shaolin Praying Mantis, Tiger and Eagle styles, Greek wrestling and African stick fighting. In his youth, Chris also learned how to use unfamiliar weapons by observing others, and adapting their style into his own skills to use them more effectively as necessary. After 50 years, he is shown to be skilled enough to kill three of the highly skilled Daughters of Aku with only his bare hands by turning their inner strength and weapon against them.
  • Master Melee Fighter: Chris is well versed in a number of weapons that range from spears and staffs to nunchukus and shurikens, as shown in his fights at the Dome of Doom. After 50 years, he begins to adapt to modern technology, where he relies on blasters, a speederbike, and a retractable electro-staff.
  • Multilingual: Due to his travels around the galaxy, Chris was taught by many different cultures, including Basic, Rodian, Wookie, Sullestian, Hutt and many more. Presumably he learned the local languages and dialects of his teachers during this time period, as international tongues were rare in his period of history.
  • Ninjutsu: Chris has had training in ninjitsu, having been trained to blend in with his surroundings. His preferred style is to blend in with the light. He does this by simply reversing his kimono so that he is dressed in white, and tying white bandages around his face, hands, and feet, after which he employs his training. 50 years later he is even able to blend even with little clothing to disguise himself with.
  • Peak Human Conditioning: From spending the majority of his life preparing to face the Dark Side and constantly facing adversity in his quest to return home, Chris has honed his body to the absolute limit of human potential.
  • Peak Human Agility: Chris is extremely agile and he often use this speed to his advantage against his opponents and Chris can easily do back-flips to avoid danger and land on his feet with ease.
  • Peak Human Endurance: Chris has shown many times to be highly resistant to harm. He withstood powerful blows from inhumanly strong opponents relatively unfazed and being slammed through rocks only to quickly brush it off. Even with injures he does sustain, he has a high threshold for pain, able to continue fighting with no hindrance to his performance. He has even survived falls from great heights that would kill a normal person. Chris also has an unfathomable reserve of stamina. In addition to rarely tiring, even after such, he is shown able to fight off hundreds of opponents for days. And still able to move and survive despite losing a lot of blood as seen in "Destiny".
  • Peak Human Speed: Chris is shown to be extremely swift. With his natural reflexes and sheer footwork, he is able to able to avoid blasterfire, carve through entire armies within seconds and even defeat a team composed entirely of highly skilled bounty hunters from all directions in the time it takes for a drop of water to hit the ground. He has also demonstrated the ability to use his lightsaber to deflect blasts from a blaster cannon with little effort. In fact, Chris was so fast he was able to dodge sunlight within the Dome of Death, making his top speed 80% the speed of light.
  • Peak Human Strength: Chris has deceptive raw strength for his lean frame, able to cleanly cut through most machines with little effort and can easily throw opponents much larger than himself. Also, following his training with the Wookies, his strength increased immensely, able to jump about while weighed down all over by large rocks and boulders. In building up his muscles for this improved physical prowess, he also gained the ability to jump about hundreds of feet into the air, even from a stationary position.
  • Willpower: Chris seems to possess a nearly indomitable force of will, able to push himself through virtually any hardship in order to vanquish Aku. This ability is not absolute however, and he is capable of becoming disheartened and, at one point, he nearly gave up his quest (though on that occasion he got over himself in rather short order after being reminded of what it was that he fought for).

  • Lightsaber combat: Through years of intense training at the hands of over 200 Jedi Masters, Chris was a master Jedi in lightsaber combat. Chris was so skilled in lightsaber combat that he was able to kill an entire army of lightsaber wielding Sith, coming out of the fight with no apparent injuries. Chris' style relies primarily on using hos father's enchanted lightsaber to automatically enhance his already amazing force abilities, balancing with strong defensive stances that parry his opponent's strikes until finding an opening for a decisive blow. Very few opponents have been demonstrated to be a match for his lightsaber combat, among them King Sombra, The Ninja, and Sideshow Bob, and even fewer can outright defeat him, such as Darth Griffin and eventually Ernie. 100 years into the future, Chris showed his improved abilities and was finally able to duel Darth Griffin on an even footing, overpowering and defeating the Dark Lord.

Often goes out of his way to help others, this can be used against him even though he is savvy to such tricks after the first few times he fell for them. Despite possessing a lightsaber meant to harm evil beings, it has harmed innocent people like the Sullestians from "The Ernie-Infection" (Though it's unknown if it can actually kill an innocent being or not). During most of season five he suffered from guilt-based hallucinations, which left him wide open to attacks.

  • Name: Christopher Cross Griffin, Chris Griffin
  • Origin: Family Guy (originally), The Last Jedi
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 14 in Season 1, 16 in Season 2-5, 116 in Season 6 (although he cannot physically age)
  • Tier: 4-C, likely far higher (Chris is repeatedly stated to be stronger than Ernie the Giant Chicken)
  • Attack Potency: Star Level (he was capable of harming Cronos the Star God with powers), likely far higher
  • Speed: Likely Relativistic+ with FTL reflexes, likely higher (dodged sunlight even while being weighed down by a giant gold glove)
  • Lifting Strength: Class K with no force augmentation,Class T+ with force augmentation (lifted Poultrion's hand with minimal effort)
  • Striking Strength: Class TJ, likely Class TJ+ with force augmentation
  • Durability: Star Level (walked off a blast of Force Lightning fired from Cronos), likely much higher
  • Stamina: Essentially limitless with force augmentation.
  • Standard Equipment: Enchanted lightsaber, two blaster pistols, electro-staff
  • Intelligence: Trained with Jedi masters all over the galaxy, master of nearly every form of armed and unarmed combat, some experience with futuristic technology, great battle planner and strategist (He designed an ambush using only mining equipment that defeated an entire Imperial Fleet), battle experience facing and defeating all kinds of enemies, from robots to aliens to demons to gods and so on.



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