Hyper Shadic in Chakra Beast Mode
Chakra Shadic or simply Chakra Hyper Shadic and Hyper Shadic in Tailed Beast Mode is the transformed form of Shadic who absorbs Kurama's Chakra to keep Kurama in control. He is the main protagonist in a fanfiction of Sonic Comics.


When Shadic absorbs Kurama's Chakra, he turned into a powerful mode, he has red pupils, his white color was replaced with a mix of gold and flame yellow, he can transform into his Tailed Beast mode.

When Shadic turns into 7 tails Kyubi to fight his Nine-tailed clone, he seeks rampage, but Amy is able to get closer to Shadic and saves him from Kurama's influence that cause him to turn back into his Chakra form and Shadic kiss her and manages to kill his clone once for all.

Shadic later teams up with Kurama to take down Scourge, Mecha Sonic, Nazo and other bad guys, he turned into his Tailed Beast Mode to defeat them with the help of Mario, Silver, Knuckles, Luigi and Naruto.

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