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Centauri "Nurse-chan"


Alpha Centauri
The Omni-Angel


Bomberman and Bayonetta 'verse characters


Mirror M


Shiramu Inc. Head Medical Expert (Current Self)
The Omni-Angel (Past Self)


Top Secret


Anybody who mistreats her or calls her weak, or anybody who fails to realize how powerful her younger self was when she has access to said powers.

Type of Hero

Fallen Angel (Technical)

Centauri (Better known by her nickname of "Nurse-chan") is the head of medical units at Shiramu Inc., and serves as a very skilled medic for any employees who are severely injured. She was apparently built to serve as a gentle companion for Mirror M, whose wrathful nature is soothed by her own presence very quickly given how Nurse-chan's abilities and personality are designed to be the exact opposite of Mirror M, and thus have Mirror M fall for her as a result as Grandis's goal of keeping Mirror M stable and calm. However, it soon becomes apparent that she is far, far more than the robotic Bomberman she was designed to be. Her body serves as the vessel for "Alpha", an incredibly high ranking Angel who rivals Dogma in sheer power, but was cast out of heaven for a very long time because Dogma had too many trust related issues regarding her high level of power, and due to such, Dogma couldn't negate her powers as easily as he could anyone else of a Deity Rank. In fact, Dogma was so heavily paranoid of trust issues with Alpha that Dogma seems to fully recognize Alpha as being a superior to Dogma's own abilities as an Omnideity. How much of this is true is unclear, given how the chances of Centauri ever regaining her past self's powers are very slim..... until Mirror M figures out a loophole to restore her original powers just for the sake of sparring against her.


Nurse-chan, on the outside, appears very ditzy yet very polite and quick to obey orders from Grandis. However, it appears most of her friendliness is more because her current self was programmed that way, and the only reason she has full sapience at all is because of her past self serving as Nurse-chan's life force and powers. However, Nurse-chan is apparently oblivious to who she was in the past, and is often surprised when somebody points out that she's far stronger than she actually shows to be. On a few occasions, her powers are strong enough in her current self to outright terrify Grandis, Ultima, Dragora Galaxia, and many other Ultimorian Deities among the Shiramu Inc. staff. She seems to be completely oblivious to her own powers, even if somebody directly points them out to her. When she acknowledges them pointing it out, she simply states that she has no idea what they're referring to, as if she fails to completely comprehend just what she does showcases a lot of heavy power than what she is full capable of grasping, again showing how innocent Nurse-chan can be even if she does things that legitimately terrify others around her, but even then, that's usually only because she's capable of incredibly strong feats and never being aware of what she's doing.

When Mirror M locates a special stone known as the "Heaven Ring", which is initially Mirror M's method of proposing to her, Nurse-chan almost immediately recalls some of her original personality upon laying eyes on it. Centauri's tone, in this case, seems to suggest she's actually, to a degree, faking her obliviousness, and directly points out to Mirror M just how powerful she'l become if she wears the ring she's being offered for marriage. Nurse-chan states she'll be able to control her past self's powers just fine, but also points out several interesting facts that only Mirror M is aware of; that she used to work alongside Dogma as either an equal or, what Dogma considers her to be, a possible higher tier Omnideity than what Dogma could ever be, and she reveals Dogma was so terrified of her that her powers were sealed into that very ring as an intent of Dogma no longer having to deal with her, because Dogma was so heavily paranoid and frightened by her past self that Dogma risked it's own life just to find a way to bring her down to a more mortal-level of power, and even then, that completely turned up it's head because Nurse-chan, all by herself, is classified as a Deity Class Ultimorian without any sort of aid from her old self's abilities.

As her old self, it turns out Dogma had EVERY reason to not trust her; Nurse-chan's fighting style is so brutal and quick that even Mirror M fails to properly adapt to her fighting styled (initially, that is), to the point Mirror M, utilizing all of his Phase Forms, has to constantly switch between forms just to keep her on the edge to any degree whereas Alpha Centauri kept having Mirror M on the edge constantly. Alpha Centauri is not just brutal, however, but is completely capable of giving her opponents absolute chaos if they get in range of her signature move, "Omni Blight", which is basically Alpha Centauri inflicting every and all possible diseases onto a target to the point those who fall victim to it very easily kick the bucket as a result, to the point they usually die before her attack is even fully finished. This signature attack, according to William, is THE reason why Dogma feared her past self so much; she was far too outright brutal and broken as a fighter to the point Dogma was terrified of what kind of chaos could possibly occur if Alpha Centauri continued to exist. However, as demonstrated by her spar against Mirror M, she appears to be mentally unstable in the form to the point whatever innocence and kindness she has in her current self form is completely replaced by outright brutal malice if given the chance.

As a whole, Grandis heavily debated putting Nurse-chan on the Black List of Ultimoria if she ever proved to be far too out of control, and if that did happen, that would require Grandis, among many others, to have to kill her on sight. Nurse-chan barely avoided this, however, when she was able to completely hold off Dogma's judgment on a multiverse that didn't need it and completely WRECK Ultruraura Dogma in the field of battle, to the point Nurse-chan is single handedly the only character who can outright and flawlessly counteract Dogma's insane power, and it soon becomes apparent that the Winds of Existence, which created Dogma, to create her as a complete opposite of Dogma since the Winds of Existence needed a being powerful enough to replace Kagubot to allow existence to exist at a steady pace. So, in other words, Nurse-chan is kept around solely because of this, and unless she is directly influenced by her past self, is a completely kind and sincere lady who treats others as they should be treated, and her innocence definitely shows with how gentle (yet silly) she can be as her modern day self. Why she was given such extreme power in the past by the Winds of Existence remains very uncertain, but Grandis realizes it's just the Winds of Existence using her as but a puppet to keep the Ultimorian Deities in line so that an incident similar to the Old Era Ultimoria never happened again.

It's also made apparent that Nurse-chan outright despises what she is capable of when she actually is aware of it, hiding a depressed sorrow that believes her existence is nothing but a puppet for a power source far greater than her kindness to be able to control. She is as kind as she is since she was never treated very kindly as Alpha Centauri when she still served as an Omni-Angel alongside Dogma's armada, and she is scared of just what she is actually capable of, to the point she feels willing to die if it means nobody will have to hate her. Mirror M, in her eyes, is the only person she feels any true connection to in the entire Winds of Existence, to the point that even though she feigned her attraction to him initially due to her reborn programming, she has truly fallen in love with Mirror M by this particular point in time, and relies on him for comfort since she's incredibly insecure of her own true nature without him helping to guide her to not overdo herself to where she ends up terrifying everyone else away from her, and it is because of Mirror M's actions that Nurse-chan is slowly calming herself down after the revelation of what her past self is and her newfound awareness of her actual abilities.


True Origins

During Endgame, it is revealed that Sophia had lost her Bomberman form and became human all because of the fact her Bomberman form was taken and infused with Centauri's forging soul, which explains why Centauri has a Bomberman form of her own despite originating from the Primordial Ocean. It's later made apparent, however, that this isn't the only thing taken from Sophia and infused into Centauri's existence...


Created at an unknown time and place by the Winds of Existence, she emerged from the Primordial Ocean as an incredibly tiny Omni-Angel compared to her other allies. She was the only one of them to be small enough to be considered close to normal human size, since all of the others were near 50 feet in height or far larger than even that. Not to mention, her more humanoid looks made her more peaceful in atmosphere than her Eldritch Abomination allies. However, despite the much more gruesome and downright monstrous appearance of the other Angels of Existence, she was incredibly feared by all of them since her shouting at them alone was all it took for them to back down from any given order, or to flat out retreat if she gives the command in that same tone. Dogma, realizing Alpha's abilities to cause outright fear among the other Angels, began to suspect that Alpha was more powerful than she is letting on, and thus put Alpha to a test where she was to directly infiltrate the Sword Art Online universe (a common target from the Old Ultimorian's perspective) and bring to justice all of the villains present. Not only did she succeed in near record timing, but her own invasion of that 'verse made every future attempt to invade said 'verse look outright pathetic, since she basically eliminated all of the villains... before they were even born, as in, completely preventing humanity from even evolving because of her Omni-Blight immediately poisoning Earth's atmosphere and wiping out every fragment of life on the planet. Dogma, incredibly shocked by Alpha's quick haste in how she went about doing her job, not only reset her damages done to the universe in question, but also began a brutal clash against Alpha to weaken her and remove whatever powers Dogma was physically capable of grabbing them and sealing them within a Ring, since Dogma failed to have the ability to completely get rid of her powers as a whole, and at the time, Dogma failed to realize why she even had such outright broken abilities to begin with.

Many eons later, Grandis creates a Nurse Bomberman meant to serve as a medic for the cast of Bomberman Classic, and also to sooth and calm Mirror M's attitude since Mirror M, even in this state, was far too hostile towards Grandis and Ultima to keep around for long. The Robot Bomberman Nurse, nicknamed "Nurse-chan", came to life when Alpha's soul inherited her body without any of the other Ultimorian Deities being aware of it, and Nurse-chan immediately gotten to work with her given jobs as she showed not much of a personality, although it soon became apparent that she had a personality, but said personality was being near completely suppressed by her own programming. Mirror M, upon first noticing Nurse-chan, never really liked her presence at first, as it just reminded him of the type of Bomberman he could be; somebody pathetic and not having to deal with such insane power as he has, since Mirror M just wanted to be normal so that he could never deal with the curse of not only having the powers he has, but also to not even be as remotely hostile as he is. Despite this, Nurse-chan did her best to keep Mirror M company, and even though she had no obvious personality towards Mirror M, it didn't take long for Mirror M to take notice of her slowly increasing mentality being that of a "very timid, paranoid prey animal", which actually made Nurse-chan afraid of Mirror M. However, as her personality began to progress, she realized Mirror M was just using a metaphor to what she didn't even realize; her true thoughts on her having the insane level of power that inhabits her body. As time progressed, Mirror M eventually apologized to her about the remark, and did things to cheer up Nurse-chan so that she didn't fail to keep him tame, since Mirror M knew all too well that was what she was built for.

As more time went on, Nurse-chan developed an incredibly cheerful, innocent personality that was completely oblivious to her actual strengths, and failed to properly recognize them. Mirror M, at this point having truly fallen for Nurse-chan, plans on trying to start a romantic relationship with her, but Mirror M, designed almost entirely for battle, seemed to make a fool of himself as he attempted to court her, only for Nurse-chan to giggle at his cheesy attempt to flirt, and took Mirror M by complete surprise as she just grabbed hold of him and kissed him, leaving Mirror M completely fainted for the remainder of the day and having a dreamy expression of happiness as he was knocked out, which Nurse-chan made sure Mirror M stayed relax while he was like that. By the time of the present, Mirror M planned to propose to Centauri using a very special Ring he had found deep in space during a mission into the Primordial Ocean to find it, and decided to forge it into an engagement ring, and when Mirror M presented it to her, Mirror M did not expect Nurse-chan's response to the ring itself when she saw it. Nurse-chan, unable to control her inner powers much longer, insisted Mirror M put the ring on her to allow her to showcase to Mirror M that she is not the weak, incapable fighter she appeared to be before, and tells him that she wants to spar with Mirror M, and insists him to not even bother holding back, because she won't be holding back either. Mirror M, not knowing her actual strengths, put the ring onto Nurse-chan, before both of them were suddenly teleported to a location known as the "Celestial Arena", in which Nurse-chan transformed into an altered version of her past self, called "Alpha Centauri".

Her advice for Mirror M to not hold back proved to be vital here, as for a good portion of the initial part of the battle, Mirror M was constantly on the evasive since Alpha Centauri not only proved to be surprisingly agile and quick, but noted that Mirror M could never transform into his various Phase Forms fast enough to gain the power necessary to even stand a chance. When Mirror M finally figured out a weakness in Alpha Centauri's seemingly invincible fighting style, Mirror M used an assortment of bombs at various charges to blind Alpha Centauri's senses and buy Mirror M just enough time to initiate the transformation to one of his three higher Phase Forms, first starting off with Metal Dragozaur (Phase 3) and trying to attack her with a powerful bite. His attack works, until Mirror M is forced back to the evasive as Alpha Centaur shields herself with a powerful, cosmic bomb that locks Mirror M's jaws in place, as Alpha Centauri immediately proceed to force Mirror M's jaws down onto the bomb, as Mirror M took heavy recoil while in a form that is almost impossible to budge from explosive attacks due to his heavily armored nature in this form. Mirror M, utilizing what little strength he had at the moment to blind Alpha Centauri's senses again, transformed immediately into Phase 4 (Omega Platinum) just to revitalize himself, which allowed Mirror M to form a strategy in which he'll constantly switch between forms to heal himself with, as again, Nurse-chan had told him to not even dare hold back, so Mirror M considered cheap tactics to be something he could utilize.

As the battle went on for nearly 7 days, Mirror M and Alpha Centauri were both suffering heavy fatigue, as Mirror M, by this point, had managed to finally weaken Centauri quite a lot, but the damages on Mirror M's end were greater in that Mirror M's constant exploit left him in a heavily dazed, nearly drunk mindset as the battle swiftly ended with one final attack from both Alpha Centauri and Mirror M Phase 4, which resulted in both of them being KO'd and reduced back to their weakest form, as only Mirror M had enough strength to realize he nearly killed Nurse-chan after nearly a week of fighting, to the point Mirror M became heavily panicked and immediately got to work with trying to tend to Nurse-chan's wounds and health, praying that she wouldn't die somehow because he would never forgive himself if she did. Dogma, overhearing Mirror M's thoughts and ideals, and having just learned the entire purpose of Centauri was solely to keep Dogma's own insane level of omnipotence in check, gave Nurse-chan just enough physical strength to allow her to recover from her injuries, and completely freed her AI from it's initial programming so that her actual will could speak on it's own. Mirror M, while Nurse-chan was healing, never left her side, completely oblivious that Centauri was in heavy despair in her own mind and was not safe with the idea of Dogma allowing her to live after what insane level of powers she showcased, and the fact she not only nearly killed Mirror M, but she nearly made every other Ultimorian Deity put her on the Black List in response not just because she did something like that, but because they were all extremely afraid of her now that her powers were unsealed, and Grandis, who has the final say on who gets put on the Black List, couldn't even allow himself to make the decision to the point he refused to put her on the list because of how broken Mirror M was mentally because of her bad health condition, and the fact that as it currently stood, he had more of a reason to put Mirror M on the Black List, yet refused even that since he was informed of Nurse-chan's despair in causing the havoc she did.

When she finally awoke, she was heavily depressed and not so cheerful as she used to be, because she believes her entire existence, be it her past self or current self, was meant to be nothing more than a cosmic plaything for somebody to take advantage of in one way or another, and that nobody truly cared for her. When she finally snapped, she broke down in tears as she began trying to find ways to commit suicide, which terrified Mirror M so heavily that Mirror M beat Darigus to a bloody pulp out of sheer desperation to keep him as far away of her as possible, and his outright demonic tone toward Darigus had terrified the normally stoic Demon of the Infernal Void into submission since he knows truly well this is an incredibly serious situation. As a result of Mirror M leaving him cornered, Darigus caused all of Nurse-chan's suicide attempts to completely fail, to the point Mirror M saved her from all of them just at the right time in each case. A few days later, Nurse-chan was a complete, emotional ship crash as she felt terrified of ever having listened to her programming as her current self, and that she's afraid she'll harm the one person she truly cares for, to the point she tries to avoid him. Mirror M, in desperation, completely bailed an Arc he was involved in solely to confront Centauri and show her how much she means to him, holding her close to where Mirror M himself begins to cry and break down as a result of how scarred and unhappy Nurse-chan is all because of the ring he had offered her in exchange for marriage, to the point while Nurse-chan was asleep, Mirror M transformed into Omega Platinum overnight and completely rushed straight towards Dogma's immense figure within the primordial ocean as Mirror M intended to die just to kill Dogma for the fact that Dogma alone is the very cause of why Nurse-chan is so unhappy, and Dogma wasn't even trying to fight back against Mirror M's assault, if only to prove to Mirror M how far he himself will fall if he actually goes through with his own plan, to which Mirror M responded by simply asking for Nurse-chan to be truly happy again, and despite Dogma's self defense instincts kicking in, Mirror M does the impossible; to date, Mirror M is the only character to officially have KILLED Dogma at one point or another, all because Mirror M activate a secret Phase 5 form he didn't even know he had access to called "Infinity-Grade Dragozaur", and Dogma is rebuilt only because the Winds of Existence was astounded by Mirror M's incredible prowess, and Mirror M left the Primordial Ocean leaving every Angel batshit terrified of him, all of them having recognized Mirror M as an outright equal to Alpha Centauri, and give Mirror M the nickname of "Omega" due to his efforts to stand up to Dogma's actions and state his own reasoning for why he exists, to the point Dogma is happy to see somebody can actually disobey him and prove to him he's worthy of something.

Mirror M, arriving back to Nurse-chan early in the morning, notices Centauri had calmed down quite a lot from when he last saw her awake, and Nurse-chan, in a quiet gesture, hugged Mirror M, explaining to him that he makes her feel complete in some way or form, and that he reminds her that she does in fact have some freedom against the orders of others, since if it wasn't for Mirror M having nearly killing her on accident, she would've never been freed of her mental restraints to realize her true thoughts; she truly does love Mirror M as much as he does her, to the point she finally answers Mirror M's question of marrying him with a very happy, tearful yes, and Mirror M embraces her and kisses her to put an end to both of their suffering they had experienced together from having known each other. Both finally free from Dogma's own affairs, Grandis is surprised by the both of them as they radiate with extreme potential than what their current ranks actually are. Ultima, deciding now is the best time, offers Mirror M and Nurse-chan a place among the Ultimorian Deities, where they will be in a place that they can decide their own fates from that point forward. Mirror M and Centauri joking contemplate on killing all of them for them having been so needlessly paranoid about them, but nevertheless agree to the position when they give them the relief in that they were just joking about the thought. Bomberman Classic, as a result, comes to a closure with one of the final events to happen being Mirror M and Centauri's marriage to each other. Needless to say, they had both experienced a lot and have changed quite a bit from their original selves, and finally feel happy that they have some degree of positive outlook now that everything is finally out of their way to allow them to live happily together.

Operation Chromosone

Sometime after The Blue Tri has long ended, some of the Ultimorian Deities begin to have children of their own, although some exceptions such as Grandis and Ultima have these exceptions as still being single. However, while even the likes of Dragora Galaxia and EVE had (secretly) have had kids of their own, Centauri had yet to have a kid with Mirror M. She has seen Mirror M mingling with other females in Shiramu Inc., and her own fears of asking Mirror M to have sex with her is bothering her since she feels like Mirror M is possibly getting involved in an affair with other women because of the fact Mirror M no longer views her as being worthy of his attention.

However, when she personally asks Grandis and Ultima what the problem is, they both state that Mirror M had asked them both first if it was even possible for him genetically to produce offspring with Centauri. Grandis and Mirror M, in response, had Mirror M interact with some of the other females in the office to secretly gather chromosome scans from them to determine how many different chromosomes the females have. Centauri, confused by this, is scanned as well by Grandis and Ultima, and they basically explain the problem; Mirror M has so many chromosomes in his genes due to his hybrid nature that he cannot successfully produce offspring with any other female unless the female has the same number of chromosomes as he does. As a result, they are finding a way to alter Centauri's reproductive system to give her the same exact amount of chromosomes as Mirror M.

Sometime later, the problem is eventually resolved and Mirror M apologizes to Centauri for making her feel like he was cheating on her, as he was completely terrified of what Centauri would think about him if he had just flat out told her that it might've been genetically impossible for them to have a kid, since until Centauri was altered to match Mirror M's amount of chromosomes, Centauri could've easily been killed from the mere fertilization from sex alone with Mirror M. Centauri, realizing Mirror M's concern, accepts his apology as a result of his desire to keep her alive and healthy. The last thing he ever wants is to be the cause of her death at all.

=The Blue Tri Mature Side-Story Series

She is mentioned in one of the side-stories for The Blue Tri, in which she is pregnant with her and Mirror M's child, and had fallen into a deep sleep because of it. Often times, even when she is awake, she has a desire to simply sleep or rest. Due to how Mirror M's genes are mixing with her own during her pregnancy, rather than the more human-like side effects of pregnancy, she is incredibly fatigued and tired in nature for the duration of it.

Design Notes

The reasoning for her OP nature is two different reasons; to deconstruct it later on, and to showcase that Alpha Centauri would effectively be the "Bonus Boss" of all of the boss characters in Bomberman Classic due to her insane level of damage and health. Also, fun trivia. I nicknamed a Latias I have on Alpha Sapphire Centauri to determine whether or not to keep Centauri as Nurse-chan's name. Needless to say it was a surprising conclusion, but Centauri will indeed be her final name.
~ Shiramu-Kuromu on Centauri's power level and naming.

Centauri's nickname of "Nurse-chan" arose as a simple means to keeping Centauri's actual name hidden and not needing to be brought up by anybody save for Mirror M, or throughout her entire arc involving Alpha Centauri and the revelation of her past self's existence and abilities. Centauri, personality and ability wise, is a brutal deconstruction of the Mary Sue trope, as Centauri possesses incredible combat abilities and is near invincible, and showcases a nice personality. However, it's made clear that she's nothing but a slave to not only her past self's powers, but also her programming for when she was originally created into her current self. During the end of her story arc, she suffers a mental breakdown from the fact she feels she's too dangerous to everyone she had befriended as her current self, to the point her attachment to Mirror M, which had become legitimate for real by this point, makes her incredibly afraid of harming him. Even though Mirror M does outright brutal things to ensure Centauri is no longer a slave to her own powers, Centauri eventually "returns" to the way she acted prior to the big reveals. However, it's made clear by the expressions of those around her that she is just faking the reset personality, and doing terribly at it, showing just about how awkward she can be in regards to being a very powerful being to the point nearly everyone else alienates her due to their differences in power level from herself.

A fun thing to note is that in Old Ultimoria, the status of "Alpha" went to Mirror M's original counterpart. Likewise, Mirror M's status of "Omega" originally went to Darigus. The reasoning behind this was due to the fact Mirror M represented the ultimate good originally, and that Darigus represented the ultimate evil. With the creation of Dogma and Kagubot, their original roles were no longer necessary. As such, the terms they've been associated with were dropped until later being given back to Mirror M (the Omega this time) and Centauri (the Alpha), just to showcase what kind of power sets and ideals were put into both characters regarding what their powers are supposed to represent, with Centauri healing powers representing the beginning, and Mirror M's destructive powers representing the end.

At some time after Centauri was designed, Shiramu-Kuromu considered renaming her just to avoid confusion with the star "Alpha Centauri" which not only exists in real life, but is also a major plot point in The Blue Tri. To determine whether or not Centauri would keep her name, a Latias from Pokemon Alpha Sapphire was nicknamed Centauri and put through all five contest categories using an entire collection of TMs and level-up moves to win each category, and progress to Master Rank. After winning Master Rank in all five categories, and then later beating Lisia with the exact same moveset used in the immediate prior contest, Nurse-chan would keep her name of Centauri as a result, since Shiramu-Kuromu considered the name to represent very good luck on his end.

In The Blue Tri, Centauri has a human-like form similar to Mirror M, in which she resembles an Arabic woman, especially due to how her clothing covers her at all times in this form.

In a future arc, Centauri and Mirror M end up in a situation that mirrors an event in Mirror M's past incarnation which is here due to him simply wanting to ensure he can safely have sex with Centauri and have children with her.