The Spirit Giordano Carmelina heart has ceased to beat the evening of Monday, January 18, 2010. The suffering is over Sue Hospital Ruggi of Aragon of San Leonardo, blessed by Father Ciro Torre.Per all of us is the first major bad news of new year: life will continue with a big void that will weigh heavily on our future! the extraordinary participation of so many people, friends and family at his funeral, officiated by Father Claudio Raimondo in the Church of St. Anne at the Port, in the historical center, is the sign of a small part of Salerno who goes along to you: an "old" Salerno that many still recognize, without nostalgia but with a great desire to find the ancient radici.Quella "new city" that Carmelina
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helped to build after the war, along with his Matthew - with whom he shared thirty five years of love and family life, with five children (Gerardo, Mario, Anna, Raffaella, Antonio) and the collaboration of the tireless Mary - was a city ​​where the quality of life should have been accompanied goodness, culture, music and solidarity, without losing sight of the style and tradition of the good things which had begun their new family wedding and moderna.La history their experience tells us that is not exactly what happened. Misunderstandings and selfishness were too many! However it remains a singular human experience and familiare.In these painful days, many memories have resurfaced on the past of Carmelina and your passions, especially related to the extraordinary quality of the particular "kitchen Salerno", which had been a faithful interpreter, having to deal with current demanding gastronomic needs of a Street of wolverines rich Merchants, beginning with the father Matthew, at the turn of the forties and fifties where he cresciuta.Ma Carmelina was also a pianist test tube and a tireless designer as he could have learned by attending the Sisters of Christ the King: pity that many of his Madonnas have been lost, would have been a great reminder of his vein artistica.Dopo becoming Francescopaolo grandmother, Carmen, Luke, Marta, Stefano, Marco, Flavio, Antonio and Matteo had some years ago the great-grandmother of Sophia and Lorenzo di requesting continued reports and aggiornamenti.Aveva met the letter of Giordanews and not only did they enjoyed all enrichments with his sarcastic comments, when it was possible, but until the last few days he also wanted to discuss the contents with all the updates on the family .now will have achieved its MATTIULLO that will have found myself in paradise with their incredible pager whistle.

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