Full Name

Captain Scram Lockon Pilot


Captain Pilot, Scrambo






Military spacecraft


Pilot training, intergalactic explorations


Defeat the Hereticons and restore humankind within the galaxy

Type of Hero

Space survivor, the Messiah

Captain Scram Lockon Pilot, commonly referred to as Captain Pilot, is a protagonist of the first upcoming installment of the main universe of Aegius series of shoot 'em ups. Based on appearance, he is a pilot of the Space Defense Agency (S.D.A) who pilots and launches Warius Viprus, a star fighter which is considered as a hybrid of Vic Viper, Silver Hawk, Raiden MK-II and of course Lord British. During the era of Space Nemesis, the war between humanity and extraterrestrial hostility has begun when the warp of a misanthropic alien faction known as the Hereticons has appeared towards the sun just before preparing for their invasion of the solar system. So the S.D.A has received and incoming alertness with the requirement for defense and attempt to send Captain Pilot to immediately save the galaxy from the invasion of the evil aliens as their threats upon the universe before being defeated because of such bravery.

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