Full Name

Lack "Neo" Moonwalker


Captain Neo, Captain Moonwalker






Various cosmic powers, military spacecraft


Space flight, protecting the galaxy


Save the solar system and defeat the Hades Empire from the invasion

Type of Hero

Warrior, universe saver

This is Space Voyager Resistant. Prepare to commence assault in the galaxy.
~ Captain Neo.
Lack Moonwalker, simply known as Captain Neo, is the main protagonist of the first upcoming installment of Aegius series of shoot 'em ups titled SVR (Star Voyager Resistant ) as his first appearance. Besides, he is the pilot warrior of Planetary Alliance (a galactic defense military organization formed by both U.N. and Recom just before Space Defense Agency in the events of Aegius) who uses the main titular spacecraft and in order to save the whole universe from Earth's contact to immortal planet named Aegius, he is responsible in facing off the battle against the evil aliens of Hades Empire, a galactic organization originally descended from their homeworld called Hereticus. For the sake of humanity, he is known to be the Earth's mightiest space pilot than the several members of P.A.


  • His similar namesake is derived from the soundtrack title of Darius, which was composed by the founder of Taito Corporation's house band Zuntata, known as Hisayoshi Ogura.
  • Another one is that his full name consists the imitation of Luke Skywalker, the honorable main protagonist of Star Wars series.
  • His surname "Moonwalker" comes from Michael Jackson's 1988 adaptional film.

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