Arrogance leads to demise.
~ Calla
Words will not move me!
~ Calla
Calla SCV

Full Name





Soul Calibur, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


Warrior Princess-in-exile


Aphrodite (also Maternal Figure),
Siegfried Schtauffen,
Hornet (the Dovahkiin),
Elsa the Snow Queen,
Vic Viper


To bring an end to Nightmare and kill him once and for all,
To bring an end to pure evil.

Type of Hero

Warrior Princess, Angel, Pure of Heart

Calla is a warrior princess and supporting heroine in the Soul Calibur series.


Calla was once a princess of an unnamed kingdom. When she was 12, Nightmare took it over, and overthrew her, she barely escaped from losing her soul to him. She has been plotting since that day to reclaim her kingdom and save her people. When she was 16, she heard about Soul Calibur and went on a quest to claim it so that she, and her allies, could help her take back her kingdom. Eventually though, Soul Calibur tried to take control of her body, so she confronted the spirit and defeated it. Later, when she was 20, she was granted another spirited sword called Life Bringer. Unlike Soul Calibur, the spirit in this sword was willing to assists her (it too was also female). Eventually she, Siegfried, and a few other allies she made led a rebellion against Nightmare to free her kingdom. It was successful, but many of her allies were killed. Thanks to her virtuous heart, she was granted immortality by Life Bringer. Her kingdom though eventually ceased to exist when Nightmare attacked it once more again years later, she was the sole survivor of the invasion. To this day, she has been fighting alongside friends against The Azure Knight.


Appearing around age 20, Calla has long blonde hair, reaching all the way down to her waistline, which she usually keeps down or wears in a braided ponytail. Her skin is slightly tanned and her eyes are a bright green. She has a slender figure and a pair of white, angel wings on her back, which gives her the ability to fly. Her clothing consists of a strapless green underdress covered by a white, transparent dress made of silk with one strap on her right shoulder, which has a lily. A long white and blue sash hangs around her right shoulder as well. Her dress also as a long skirt reaching all the way to the floor, covering her feet, which only appear when she walks. She wears a matching pair of High-heeled sandals with the dress. She wields a large green greatsword called Life Bringer, which contains a female spirit at an emerald jewel which is located at the hilt.


Calla is quite serious but also very friendly and kind-hearted, and has a philanthropic view of humankind. She tends to spend her time hanging out with friends whenever she is not busy. She can be quite regal at times, but outside of that, she acts a bit more casual. She is also very determined in battle, always presenting an upper realistic or even optimistic view in dangerous situations and does not give up. She ultimately believes that a villain's "Arrogance leads to their demise."


Calla has various powers she has gained from her sword Life Bringer and other sources:

  • Flight: Angel wings granted from Soul Calibur after defeating Nightmare, they allow her to fly long periods of time at speeds over 70 mphs.
  • Immortality: Makes Calla unable to die and lives forever, a special gift rewarded to her by Life Bringer after she broke free of Soul Calibur's influence.
  • Cyrokinesis and Frigokinesis (Ice Powers): Gained from Soul Calibur, Calla is able to reduce kinetic energy in atoms, resulting in reduced temperature. It allows her to control, generate, and absorb ice. One of her most powerful attacks is an ice chasm, which is contributed to this ability.
  • Naturakinesis (Life Powers): Unlike the ice powers, it allows her to manipulate and animate plant and wild life. One of her signature attacks that contributes to this power is to fire green firebolts, which are different from fire as they have no effects to her allies and are very harmful and effective on her enemies.
  • Healing: Life Bringer gave Calla this power after she obtained the sword. Calla is able to fire sparks of light that, upon hitting whomever they touch, heals their injuries. Calla can also use this power simply by touching her allies, as well as heal herself.


Over the years, Calla has made many friends and enemies, the following is a list of some of the relationships she has with others.

Friends and Allies

  • Aphrodite/Life Bringer: Aphrodite is basically the maternal figure to Calla, as well as her primary mentor, and thus Calla shares the closest bond with her than any other individual. Because of this (and the tragic incident with Nightmare neutralizing the Olympian Gods), Aphrodite has sworn to protect Calla as well as innocent individuals with her life, to the point that she has given her "daughter" the gift of immortality to counter Nightmare's misanthropic views.
  • Starfire: Calla and Starfire share many traits in common: both are optimistic, both can fly, both can fire a barrage of green energy projectiles as a power, and both view humans with a positive outlook (despite Starfire being an alien). Starfire is almost like a sister to Calla.
  • Disgust: Despite being an emotion for Riley Anderson, the sassy, green emotion is brought to reality thanks to the powers of Life Bringer, although the two of them share different likings, Disgust shares a warm relationship with Calla and actually likes her sense of fashion.
  • Pyro: Calla does not interact much with this schizophrenic entity, mainly due to its destructive and unpredictable behavior. However, Pyro considers Calla to be a friend to some degree.
  • Sibella: A student and vampire at Grimwood's School for Ghouls, Sibella is a close friend and follower to Calla, often providing varieties of support such as vampiric and sonokinetic attacks to her in battle.
  • Fire LEO-04 Rynex: The starfighter from the Galaxy Federation was restored by Aphrodite, and comes into assistance occasionally when Calla is in trouble.
  • Vic Viper: The starfighter assists Calla occasionally in her struggles with Evil, sometimes alongside the Rynex simultaneously.
  • Siegfried: The protagonist of the Soul Calibur series was befriended by Calla when the two learned that they had strong animosities against both Nightmare, Soul Edge, and the fact that Soul Calibur had manipulated both of them. Upon her convincing words, Siegfried was willing to assist Calla against her long-term struggle against the Azure Knight, the Cursed Sword, and the Spirit Sword.
  • Rosalina:  The adoptive mother of Lumas, Rosalina is a recurring ally and good friend of Calla, who shares the identical personality trait of serenity and calmness as well as the [possible] trait of immortality (she doesn't seem to age).  Rosalina also tends to act as Call's second-in-command in times of intense battle.
  • Elsa the Snow Queen: Elsa is considered to be Calla's closest friend (Though to Elsa, Calla is second only to her sister Anna), she visits Arendelle frequently to spend time with the young queen. Sometimes, when Elsa has time off, she tends to go on adventures and trips with Calla, sometimes bringing along her sister Anna as well.
  • Hornet: Recently, Calla met this warrior while visiting to Arendelle one day, although the two of them don't really know much about each other, they may start to warm up soon, as they share many things in common, although neither of them share romantic feelings for each other.
  • Demoman: The crazy (and somewhat sociopathic) Scottish demolitions mercenary share a liking for their melee weapon of choice: a greatsword. While usually independent of her, the Demoman does occasionally shows strong respect for Calla.
  • Heavy: The Russian brute respects Calla originally through misconception because he originally thought she liked the stuff of actual brutal combat. He later came to his senses that she was rather adventurous, but is still willing to join in certain battles that involves her friends.
  • Engineer: The most "kind-hearted" of the mercenaries, Calla is very fond of Engineer's effective use of resources in times of crisis and is quite fond of his funny, but sometimes accurate counter-statements towards villains (e.g. Nope).
  • Rayona: A female Revonnahgander from the planet Revonnah, Rayona is very fond of Calla, being that she was eager to get away from her relatively boring culture of her home planet and become more adventurous.
  • Farkas: The muscle of the Companions from Skyrim has a hobby of traveling alongside Calla on her adventures, the two also share the fact that both wield greatswords and are kind-hearted.
  • Sofia: Calla tends to get along well with the young princess of Enchancia and is a good friend to her, as she likes to spend time with her whenever she wants to have fun.
  • Amber: Unlike Sofia, Amber doesn't spend as much time with Calla as her younger step-sister; however, she still considers Calla a friend and spends time with her and Sofia whenever she has free time.
  • Breylna Maryon: A student studying Conjuration at the College of Winterhold, she tends to travel with Calla frequently on her adventures. The two have similarities including the fact that they use magic powers, although Calla can't conjure up any atronachs unlike Breylna as she does not have any Conjuration powers.
  • Vilkas: Farkas's twin brother, he is the brains of the companions and a good friend of the Princess. He sometimes follows Calla on her adventures as well.
  • Alea the Huntress: A skilled Archer and member of the Companions, Alea follows Calla on her adventures on occasion  she tends to be a very helpful when it comes to distant enemies.
  • Ria: Another member of the companions, this woman is skilled at using a sword and shield. She follows Calla whenever she has the chance to.
  • Smurfette: Despite her minute size, Smurfette is a loyal and faithful sidekick to Calla and her friends.


  • Nightmare: Calla's main nemesis. A misanthropic entity set out to conquer the world and destroy peace and innocence and spread evil across it, killing anyone who opposes him. Calla, as well as Aphrodite, consider him to be a true example of Pure Evil, and have since vowed to stop him from accomplishing his goals and attempt to eliminate him once and for all for the evil, unredeemable deeds he has caused. She claims that each encounter she has with him proves to always turn into a battle for the fate of her (and her friends') life.
  • Soul Edge: The Cursed Sword is seen by Calla as a primary source of Pure Evil, like Nightmare, she wishes to put and end to its evil intentions.
  • Alduin: Originally the archenemy of the Dragonborn. He has since earned the animosity of Calla and her allies due to his identical views of humans that he shares with Nightmare: a wish to bring them to extinction.
  • Blackfire: Starfire's evil sister. Like Nightmare and Alduin, she views humans as an inferior race to her own (something Calla, Aphrodite, Starfire, and even the Engineer do not take kindly). She is very arrogant and believes she is more powerful than her younger sister, yet Starfire has disproven this statement false numerous times.
  • Astaroth: A henchmen to Nightmare, he is often sent by the Azure Knight to eliminate Calla. He proves to be quite a formidable (and arrogant) opponent to her, as each each time it seems he becomes stronger than her previous encounter with him. She despises the fact of him calling his opponents "weak" and "maggots".
  • Soul Calibur/Elysium: Originally an ally of Calla, the Spirit Sword has since revealed its true colors to her and wishes to take full control of her body to "purify" the world and anything associated with the Cursed Sword (much like she did with Patroklos Alexander). Calla and Life Bringer view Soul Calibur to be a fallen heroine.
  • Jasper: An upper ranking Homeworld Gem, Calla dislikes her due to her misanthropic and arrogant views and desire to conquer Earth.

(More Coming Soon)

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