The odd one out. It’s not easy being different. Being different means that you don’t blend in completely with the status quo. It means that you don’t perfectly fit in to the everyday jigsaw of life. It means that what works for and applies to others does not always work for or apply to you. But sometimes heroes and heroines don't mind for being different at the end after they realize that being different isn't a bad thing


  • Cresil was different, because he couldn't breathe fire like the other dragons in the Cryptic Circle, prompting to runaway. He would continue to doubt himself until he realized his true hidden powers.
  • If Vance Carroway does have a redemption arc, he would have no idea how being an unofficial Myles Bot works and continue to be this way. However, if he ever becomes physical, he may unlock his powers and become a full-fledged Myles Bot.
  • Spyro Doomfire is different, because she is a Friendship Creature.
  • Hummie, Caritas, Benevolentia, Fortitudo, Patientia, Temperantia, Industria, and Castitas were different, because they are wolves and were outcasted and considered monsters. After making non-wolf companions and love interests, more and more they realize that they don't have to be like the wolves in fairy tales.
  • Lucille Janson was different, because both her weight and his interest of Filipino culture. It was meeting Tristan and forming Golden Crescent that gives her the ability to accept herself for who she is.