Baxter is one of the four main protagonists of the Hudock's Pets series. He is an anthropomorphic male Grey Tabby cat living with Mr. Hudock, along with Uncle, Reese and Queek.


Baxter is quite frankly the most mischievous and cynical of the pets. He doesn't get along with the other pets due to his pesky behavior that is displayed mainly on Uncle. Baxter is shown to be very sneaky and crafty; he frequently seeks an opportunity to either annoy or play cruel jokes on Uncle. Baxter is also shown to be ill-tempered, lazy and selfish. An example of this is that he sometimes sits on his scratching post letting his friends do his work. Baxter can be manipulative with Uncle, tricking him into doing something stupid or planning to prank him.

Even though Baxter is a bit of a jerk to the pets (especially Uncle), he is rather loyal and friendly deep inside. He does show that he truly cares about the Hudock pets and his owner and always vows to stay by their side. Baxter shows a love-hate relationship with Uncle and Reese. He always helps Uncle, Reese and Queek in their adventures throughout the series. Like the other pets, Baxter hates Fifi.


Mr. Hudock

Baxter usually doesn't tend to listen to Mr. Hudock, as he claims to do whatever he wants. Mr. Hudock gets annoyed with him when he defies him.


Baxter doesn't get as much advice from Queek, because he is considered a nuisance by him.


Reese does not like Baxter very much, because of him always playing jokes on Uncle and tormenting him. But they still consider each other friends, like Uncle does.


Uncle and Baxter share a love-hate relationship that makes them both friends and rivals. Baxter usually annoys him and doesn't show remorse from doing it. But they still want to stay as friends, despite the fact that cats and dogs are supposed to be rivals.

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