Bill Anderson



Full Name

Mr. William Anderson

Other Aliases

Riley's Dad, Cameraman


Human (formerly)
Baby Duck


Cameraman (formerly)
Zachary's Agent (formerly)
Myles-Bots Leader (currently)


To avoid getting killed (formerly)
To help form the Bots (current)


Zachary Delightful


Mr. Cooper, Tsin/Hot Dog Guy


Jill Anderson (wife; deceased), Riley Anderson (daughter; deceased)

Type of Hero

Husbands, Transformed Heroes

That's it! You will DIE!
~ Bill Anderson putting his foot down
La-la-la-la-lasers! La-la-la-la-lasers! Shine 'em in their facers! And watch them run awaysers! Zoop! Zoop! Zoop! Zoop! Zoop! Zoop! Wooh!
~ Duckling advising Zachary to use lasers to defeat the Society singsong

Baby Duck is the leader of the Myles Bots. Once a slightly unlucky cameraman-turned Furious Five veteran named William Anderson, he was transformed with chemicals and turned into a cute baby duck while sharing good terms with Zachary and sharing a rivalry with a mentally tolled kidnapper.

As William Anderson

Early Life

Little was known about him.

Furious Five continuation

He was moved into being a cameraman but found himself in situations with the Furious Five up until its disbandment when Xibalba shuns Zachary. Things turn sour for him as he lost everything. But he turned out to be the real hero and the one in the prophecy, he just didn't know it yet.

As Duckling


During his vital comeback in the series, he was caught in the middle of every fight but it changes when he gets the greatest price of all...his humanity. Bill, having been infused with duckling DNA, transforms into an anthropomorphic baby duck with black eyes.

Invitation to the Bots

Duckling is invited to the side of the heroes and wins because he didn't get devoured, blew up into purple goo and glitter, suffer a fiery death and shrink to nothingness.

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