An archenemy is the foil to the Hero. Their presence may not be as powerful as the Big Bad, but their feud with the Hero is usually more personal. Most archenemies possess traits similar to the Hero as a way of displaying the full extent to the Hero's character.

List of Archenemies



Live Action Television


LHS Arcs

Duo-Franchise: Vance Carroway to Zachary Delightful


Comic Books

Video Games

Good WolfLuxuria Akuma to Hummie with Ira Masonry, Amorina Akuma, Tappen, Emilio of Bast, Cocidius & Beda, Wanyecha, Taurus & Capricorn, Pyre and Ashchel Brickwork, TBA, Enar, Howe Hovawart, and Nila to lesser extents

Monster FuzzMirage Belrose and Jiva Patil to Quibilah Nagi, TBA,TBA, TBA, 


Dog Tunes: Mr. Danielson, TBA,


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