Aoi Hanabishi (nee Sakuraba) is the main female character of the anime/manga series Ai Yori Aoshi. She is the daughter and heir to the Sakuraba family and the childhood friend of Kaoru Hanabishi (David Wittenberg), though when the story starts they have not seen each other for eighteen years. Aoi was engaged to marry Kaoru ever since she was a child, but due to Kaoru running away from the Hanabishi household, the engagement was called off. However, Aoi refused to accept that and pursued Kaoru, ultimately reuniting with him at the beginning of the story. She is portrayed/voiced by Ayako Kawasumi in the original Japanese dub of the anime and Michelle Ruff in the American English dub, who also voiced Zoe Orimoto in Digimon Frontier and Crimson Viper in Street Fighter series.

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