Anna Johansson was a contestant in the Total Drama season, Total Drama Nations. Her native country was Sweden, and she was voted off in ninth place.


Anna was a very sweet and kind girl. She got along with everybody pretty well, except for those who resented her always sunny attitude, such as Rosa and Makoto. She was also incorruptible, and not even Makoto's antagonism and grouchy personality could get her down. She spent part of the game in a relationship/alliance with Hans, the villainous winner of Total Drama Nations, not realizing she was just being used until it was too late, and also was good friends with Dmitri, another hero.

Unfortunately, Anna was also the most air-headed contestant on the show, more so than even Eun, easily tricked or swayed by those much smarter than her, and while she could not be corrupted herself, she did not realize that she was doing favors for a player with no good intentions. She was cute and the heart of the show, and she was a little like her light to Rosa's shadow in the Axis Alliance.

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