Andres Garcia was a contestant on the reality show, Total Drama Nations. He is from the country Mexico, and he was eliminated in fourth place, the last heroic contestant standing, leaving all villains in the Final Three.


Andres was the jokester of Total Drama Nations. He was always ready with a joke, a gag, or a bad pun in his attempts to lighten the frequently dark mood at Camp Wawanakwa. It failed more often than it succeeded there. He was nice, fun, and a class clown. While he was not in the best physical shape, he exercised as often as he could in order to improve his physique.

He was also very close to his family apparently, especially his mother, and he helped Rosa come out of her shell a little and become a more open kind of person. Unfortunately, his friends often got in fights on the island, partly because of the meanness and manipulations of the "bad guys," and he found himself being forced to choose a side in the end. Nonetheless, while he did not endear himself much to his cast mates, Andres was popular with fans of the show as the show's best comic relief and the longest lasting hero.

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