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Anarosa Quintana

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Muraco, darling, please, take care of our child. Let her know who you are, for me.
~ Anarosa' dying pledge to Muraco
Anarosa Quintana was the wife of knight of the Onyxlyn round table Muraco of the Night Mountains and the mother of their daughter Donita. Muraco met her when a group of evil white men tried to rape her, after slaying them, the only way he could saved her from death was using ciarlatani, which replaced her attackers genes with his. They  quickly grew feelings for each other, leading to their autumn marriage. Sadly, sixteen months after their marriage, Anarosa was traveling to the Omega Castle with their newborn baby daughter when a mysterious massacre occurred. When she noticed the final blow was aiming for Muraco, she jumped out of the carriage, with the last blow both destroying the carriage and killing her. In her dying moments, she gave the baby to Muraco and begged him to take care of her.








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