Allegro is the final and true main antagonist-turned ascended protagonist of Conquer the Skies Part 1. He was Ivan's partner-in crime and is now an unofficial member of the Myles Bots.


Before the events of "CONTROL+ALT+PARTY", his personality was the same only more commanding and spoilt. He was also oblivious to what happens around him as he didn't realize that his goal for happiness after Zachary was mistaken for destroyed somehow made things worse and instead led to misery. However, his descent into seriousness begins to change him into a more likable and less irresponsible person making new and better friends in the Myles Bots whilst looking upon his former "friend" with disdain and disgust. He also becomes more focused and selfless, going from preying on innocence and happiness to just wanting revenge on his ex-partner Ivan to attempting to intergrate his life into his friends to endangering himself to protect Linden City from villain attacks (Rod in particular). After his character development arc comes to a close, he officially becomes a part of the Myles Bots and accepts Zachary and the team for who/what they are.


  • Despite his small role, he is revealed to have shaped up the arc's plot and thus he serves as the final main antagonist of said arc before he redeemed himself in the penultimate part of the arc's season finale.
  • It's unknown if he will ever join the main cast officially.

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