Alex Fitzgerald is the main deuteragonist (sometimes the anti-hero) of the Tom and Jerry films. He is played by Matthew Broderick.


His real name is William Trent Watson, born in October 17, 1962, to Thomas and Andie Watson. He was taken by Linda, his abusive, adoptive mother.

Role in the film

Tom and Jerry

He is first shown sleeping, until he awakes when his children (Ally and Tyler pours a hot water in his face). He then tickles them and tells them to go in school.

Tom and Jerry 2


Tom and Jerry: First Class


Tom and Jerry: The Final Chapter

In 2017, he was one of the tortured people in Thompson Corporation, Inc. along with Maddie, Miranda Hicks, Tony and Ben Harris, except Helen because she injected herself with an cure. When his daughter, Lisa Fitzgerald, was traveling back in 1989, she warns him about the future.