I'll do whatever it takes to save the world of Equestria.
~ Midnight Shade

Midnight Shade is the main protagonist of MelSpyRose111's MLP Fanfiction, "Age of Equestria: The Return of Tambelon". He is a brave and heroic gifted unicorn who dreams of one day becoming a hero and he is also the love interest of Sunset Shimmer.


As a colt, Midnight Shade was raised in Town Snowdrop with his parents, Steel Mustang and Frost Flight, and he had always dreamed of adventure. When his parents found out that he was a gifted unicorn, they tried to send him to Canterlot to study at Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns, but unfortunately, they were unable to make it to the train station due to predators and a dangerous blizzard. So, they decided that they should let their son stay in Town Snowdrop until its safe for him to go to magic school. One day, when he was playing outside in the snow, he found a dragon age that was nearly frozen. Midnight Shade brought the egg inside of his family's house and took good care of it until it finally hatched. He named the dragon hatchling, Blaze, and she became his adopted sister. Years later, Midnight Shade had grown into a young unicorn stallion. When Midnight Shade and Blaze went to get more gems at a Diamond Store, Blaze caused a lot of trouble and the two got kicked out of the store before they decided to go to their father who gives them a bucket full of gemstones for Blaze to eat. Midnight Shade is a big fan of the adventures of Twilight Sparkle and her friends and wishes to join them one day. One night, when Midnight falls asleep, he meets Angelus, who tells them that a great evil has been released from prison.

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