Afreaze versus portrait
Intercept timing, it was almost grasp. There is no longer losing the elements.
~ Afreaze F. Demeter
Afreaze F. Demeter is one of the several heroes of Crimson Alive series first appeared in the second installment, Burst Again.


Afreaze is one of android series built by the genius scientist Dr. Demeter, who is currently working for Onodera Corporation. She is also an F-type but she was born earlier than her sister Shiny, which is showed the results of combat capability. To clear the reference level, she also seems a problem in her formation, were the puppet states without a thing personally. F -type is still a valuable and cost- weapons and determined that there is an ability judgment of instruction than Shiny because she shows the weak place mentallyand determined that her degree of completion is a high weapon. And now, her creativity receives an instruction of Dr. Demeter, start the electric doll action that does not have a heart.


Although Afreaze doesn't have her own family, all of her sisters are F-type artificial soldiers.

Fighting style: Her own fighting style that makes ​​full use of the band discharge capacity

Age: 16 years old

Occupation: Onodera Corporation F-type artificial soldier

Personality: Faithful in her instruction. Without emotion but earnestly cool.

Family/Relatives: None (or F type of artificial soldiers as all sisters)

Hobbies: None

Likes: None

Dislikes: None

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